What’s YOUR Most Memorable Blog Post of 2013? ~ Gatherings from Ireland # 361

Blog posts are memorable for all sorts of reasons. For me, anyway there’s always there’s the rationale for writing; ease of writing, circumstances of writing, level of interest shown by readers, comments and where they lead ….. and a whole mixum-gatherum of other things.

Chatting by the Currachs Photo: Frank Tubridy
Chatting by the Currachs
Photo: Frank Tubridy

I was flicking through my archives for 2013 and was surprised at the one that hit me in the solar plexus. It reminded me of  wonderfully articulate man I interviewed as part of the research for my PhD thesis on the experiences of people with physical disabilities in Ireland back in the 1980s. He described a particular day as the day not-yachting and the post that is definitely my most memorable was written on the day not-going to New York. 

I was feeling very sorry for myself as I had been soooooooooooooo looking forward to going to the America to do a writing course but it all became impossible for a host of reasons.

I’ve built up a whole menu of things over the years that I do when the ‘poor me’ train starts to gather speed ~ swimming in the sea, walking, gardening, reading poetry, diving into books of  wit and humour, taking photographs and, of course, writing.

The weather that day wasn’t great or, at least, I was seeing dark skies; I was alone in the house and was generally mooching around. I can vividly remember pulling out boxes and boxes of my late father’s photographs  ( the thought of it alone makes me smile now!) and finding all sorts of  gems than transported me by currach out of my little Mount Misery. (There is such a place in Waterford City!).

So here’s the link to the post, A Journey of a Different Kind,  that certainly wasn’t the most popular one I wrote this year but which drew some lovely responses for which I shall be forever grateful.


So what’s the blog post that YOU wrote in 2013 which is most memorable for you? And, of course, I’d love to know why it’s so memorable!