Blog Names

Newtown Wood, Tramore, Co. Waterford

I’m absolutely fascinated by the names of blogs must confess that I can’t resist having a look at those that tickle my imagination.

I spent forever coming up with the name Social Bridge as I wanted to be just that: a connector, a linker. To tell the truth, I thought the concept of social bridge would take off like wild fire and get the whole world thinking along the same lines as me about people, places, events that have been, and continue to be, bridges in both public and personal life.

(The latest social bridge I was talking to was the ‘lolly pop lady’ who guides the small school kids across the road just round the corner from us. She always has a big smile and told me the other day that she reckons she gets more hugs than anyone else in Tramore. I stood there and witnessed quite a few and suspect she is probably right.)

Even though I’ve been disappointed, I still love the idea of social bridges and cling to the hope that its power as a concept will catch on and change the world.

The  Viaduct, Drogheda, Co. Louth
The Viaduct, Drogheda, Co. Louth Photo: Frank Tubridy

Today, September 30th, feels like a social bridge to me as we cross into October. September 2014 will never be here again; we had our chances with it and our experiences of it.

Crossing into October, I look forward to Autumn tints, chestnuts, lighting the fire, my birthday, seizing as many opportunities as I can to swim in the sea, planting bulbs that will present the first signs of Spring and identifying,  seeing, hearing about and  meeting all kinds of social bridges along the way.

So here’s to social bridges and their potential as we step into a new month and a whole new season!