Mother, Son and Bridges

The Barrow Bridge
The Barrow Railway Bridge     Photo: Harry Fox

Mystery tours with son, Harry, are always fun and well-thought out.

Yesterday, he brought me up a little woodland path out near Cheekpoint, here in Co. Waterford, and there below us was The Barrow Bridge which he knew I’d been wanting to see for a good while.

The Barrow Railway Bridge was built between 1906 and 1910 and is the longest railway bridge in Ireland at 2,131 feet long.  It carried the railway from Waterford to Wexford and on to Rosslare Harbour and closed to passenger traffic in 2010.

It was designed by Benjamin Baker (1840-1907), an eminent English Civil Engineer, who is best known for his design of the Forth Railway Bridge in Scotland, which was one of the first cantilever bridges and which was the longest bridge in the world for several years.

Benjamin Baker     Source: Wikipedia
Benjamin Baker
Source: Wikipedia

As we stood together, mother and son, admiring The Barrow Bridge, this quote from Richie Norton kept crossing my mind:

“Action is the bridge between thought and reality.”