Stepping Out into Peace

Annestown Beach, Co. Waterford
Annestown Beach, Co. Waterford

Peace is something that I never, ever take for granted ~ either personal peace or public peace.

I was reared by my mother  on the saying, passed to her by her father:

Better a dinner of herbs and peace therewith than roast ox and contention.

and I don’t think I ever prepare a meal of any significance without thinking of this.

At a broader level, I give thanks every single day for the fact that the horrific Troubles in Northern Ireland were brought to an end after endless negotiation. As a child and young teenager, I was absolutely terrified that they would spill drastically into the Republic of Ireland and had all sorts of Plans A, B …Z to try and escape the turmoil.

Talking not fighting is the key!

What sparked these thoughts was stumbling on this poem earlier today:


At the ship’s bow. It was my eye that drew

the perfect circle of blue meeting blue.

No land was visible. There was no sail,

not cloud to show the mighty world in scale,

so sky and ocean, by my gaze defined,

were drawn within the compass of my mind

under a temperate sun. The engine’s sound

sank to a heartbeat. Stillness all around.

Only the perfect circle and the mast,

The moment that knew no future and no past.

(Amy Whiting 1919-2001)