That Blogging Question about Following


It’s a year ago now that I put out a call asking how you all manage the matter of following blogs and organising yourselves to comment on them.

The response was terrific and I got lots of really useful ideas and insights. There was one approach that really caught my eye and that I decided to try a variant of it for myself. It came from Angela over at A Silver Voice from Ireland. Here’s the bit that caught my eye:

I use WordPress Reader and set for once weekly notifications, so on a Sunday afternoon, I grab a coffee and sit down for a big read!

Every Sunday since I read that comment, I think of Angela on Sunday afternoons, ensconced with her coffee and indulging in her ‘big read.’

Rather than using the WordPress Reader, I went through the blogs I had been Following and set a big batch of them for Monday morning email notifications and a select few for ‘immediate’ notifications. So, Mondays have become my day for the ‘Big Read’ and I must say I love that precious time. Somehow, reading the posts in one relaxed sitting gives a great sense of  keeping up to date with the writings of bloggers from all across the globe on a whole range of different topics.

I still feel bad that I can’t include everyone I’d like to Follow in this Monday indulgence but I try my best to catch as many of them via the Reader when I log on to post or respond to comments here on Social Bridge.

My big aim for this year is to do better at being a lot more mannerly about people who have taken the trouble to Follow me.  You just have to understand that I’m one of those people who is great at writing thank-you letters but hopeless at getting them into the post! All suggestions on how to deal with this failing would be most welcome! 

And, I’m planning to dig deeper into blogland as I know there are thousands of treasures out there that I don’t even know about yet. I’d love to hear about your approaches to doing this or are you a happy-go-lucky type like me about it? 

Oh, and while I’m here, let me remind you that Voting for the Irish Blog Awards is still open (until September 21) and my shortlisted post is still crying out for Votes. Here’s the button to click. (If you’ve done so already, many, many thanks).

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November’s Loveliest Smiles ~ Gatherings from Ireland # 313

Festival of Colour, Creativity and Connection
Festival of Colour, Creativity and Connection

I am an avid follower of the hauntingly beautiful blog, A Silver Voice from Ireland is written by Angela Gallagher. I was thrilled when Angela agreed to submit ‘something’ to my Festival of Colour, Creativity and Connection and was like a child waiting to see what would arrive, as this is a woman with a wide range of interests but, most of all, a warmth and exquisite way of describing places, events, emotions, memories ….

I just love the multi-layered offering that arrived ~ one which shows how colour, creativity and connection are inextricably interwoven.

Hi Jean. I just love these crab apples as they bring me back across the decades to my teens. On my first trip to England we went to visit my aunt, a nun who had entered in 1935 but at that time was not ever allowed to come home.

We took afternoon tea in the beautiful convent in the heart of Ashdown Forest in Sussex.

On the walls were several prints by an artist Margaret W. Tarrant. These were of Fairies partying in the woods and I recall the beautiful little colourful crab apples in the exquisitely detailed paintings. I have found some of her work on the internet, but never discovered those exact prints, that hung in the visitors parlour of that beautiful place ( now a 5 Star hotel)

The pictures ( possibly not prints at all, but originals) were all ‘Fairies of the Forest ‘ – one was entitled Harvest Home and another was the Fairy Wedding. I would love to have them, but am very happy to recall them and that different time and place when admiring my crab apples. So I am transported from Limerick to Ashdown Forest, East Sussex at this time every year by these beautiful little fruits.

Crab Apples Photo: Angela Gallagher
Crab Apples
Photo: Angela Gallagher