A Jewel of Ireland ~The Doneraile Walk, Tramore

The Doneraile Walk in Tramore, Co. Waterford is one of the most beautiful places I know. I write about it in Section Nine of Feature Writing.

Reflections on Father’s Anniversary

The first anniversary of my father’s death was on September 10th, 2011. In Section 15 of  Losing Elderly Parents, I write about  the various thoughts and memories that came to me on that day, which I spent in one of our old haunts -Ballycotton, Co. Cork.

James Hoban ~ Irish Architect of the White House

James Hoban (1758-1831), who was from the townland of Reisk in Co.Kilkenny, was the architect who designed the White House in Washington.  In Section 9 of Social Bridges, I reflect on the life of this famous Irishman and the ways in which our lives have connected through ‘a spirit of place.’

Kilkenny ~ A Social Bridge

Kilkenny is a historic city which has had a major impact on my life and which I write about in Section Eight of  Social Bridges.  It is where my parents first met in 1940, and where I  worked as a sociologist almost 30 years ago. It is also a place which connects my mother, myself and my son through tennis.  Each year, I return to savour the wonders of  the Kilkenny Arts Festival.

Haiku-a-Day July 2011 Slideshow – from Ireland Calling!

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