Master Thatcher: Hugh O’Neill

Hugh O’Neill, a Master Thatcher, is a crucial social bridge in terms of keeping the age old tradition of thatching alive in Ireland. I was fortunate to meet him while he was thatching the Sweep Bar in Kilmeaden,  Co. Waterford.  This is a  man with wealth of knowledge and experience in relation to thatching.  His wonderful insights are presented in Section One of my writing on Social Bridges.

Art and Alzheimer’s Disease

I want to draw attention to this article, which relates to the use of art with people with Alzheimer’s Disease because I feel it relates very much to the sorts of ideas which highlighted by the Memory Bridge Foundation. I have discussed the Memory Bridge Foundation in Sections Three and Four of my writing on Losing Elderly Parents.



Irish Times Article on End of Life Issues

‘End-of -life issues  do not just end with death’  is an article which I wrote reflecting on my experiences as a daughter witnessing the final stages of my parents lives. It was published in the Irish Times yesterday. To read the article click on