Haiku-a-Day July 2011 Slideshow – from Ireland Calling!

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Ballyscanlon Lake is Calling

Ballyscanlon Lake, near Tramore in Co. Waterford, has featured strongly in my life since childhood. In Section Eight of Feature Writing, I describe how I was drawn back there recently on a most memorable and evocative July evening.

Tramore Tennis Club: Reflections over 50 years

Tennis has played a very significant role in my life from a very early age and Tramore Tennis Club hold special magic for me. In Section Seven of  Feature Writing,  I write about  the magic of Tramore Tennis Club and the continuities and changes associated with with it, and Irish tennis in general, since the early 1960s.

Waterford Tall Ships Festival 2011: Photographic Memories

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Waterford Tall Ships Festival 2011 ~ Social Bridges

Mingling among the crowds at Waterford’s Tall Ships Festival 2011, I was struck  by the range of social bridges which emerged from the experience. I write about the personal memories evoked by the Festival:  the connections with Waterford’s history; and the range of fascinating people with whom I was fortunate enough to meet. This post can is in Section Seven of  my writings on Social Bridges.

Ireland Calling! June’s Haiku-a-Day from my AARP Group: Social Bridge between Ireland and America

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Lord Waterford’s Curraghmore ~ A Social Bridge

My passionate interest in Waterfords of the World drew me out yesterday to visit Lord Waterford’s Curraghmore in Portlaw, Co.Waterford.  I write about  the wonders of this magnificent demesne, which were shown to me by the highly knowledgeable  Basil Croeser, in Section Six of Social Bridges.

Waterford Waiting for the Tall Ships Festival 2011

Waterford’s Tall Ships Festival 2011 will be in full swing from June 30th-July 3rd. With this very much in mind, I write about the diverse range of boats and boating activity which are central to our lives here in Co. Waterford. The article is in Section Six of  Feature Writing.

Immrama 2011: Lismore Festival of Travel Writing

I spent the last two days immersed in the Immrama  Lismore Festival of  Travel Writing.  In Section Five of  Feature Writing, I reflect back on a weekend which has changed my perceptions forever.