Lord Waterford’s Curraghmore ~ A Social Bridge

My passionate interest in Waterfords of the World drew me out yesterday to visit Lord Waterford’s Curraghmore in Portlaw, Co.Waterford.  I write about  the wonders of this magnificent demesne, which were shown to me by the highly knowledgeable  Basil Croeser, in Section Six of Social Bridges.

Shining Light on Waterford’s History: Jack Burtchaell

Waterford is Ireland’s oldest city and has a long and rich history.  Jack Burtchaell, historical geographer, has been giving guided tours of Waterford for the last 21 years and is a key figure in passing on the history of the City. In Section Three of Social Bridges,  I write about  the wonderful insights which I gained into Waterford’s past during a very memorable tour with the inspirational Jack Burtchaell.

Brendan Kennelly – A Social Bridge

In the week that  Brendan Kennelly, one of Ireland’s leading poets, celebrated his 75th birthday, I write of how he has been a significant social bridge in my life since I attended one of his poetry readings in my first term at Trinity College in 1975. This article is in Section Two of  Social Bridges.

Master Thatcher: Hugh O’Neill

Hugh O’Neill, a Master Thatcher, is a crucial social bridge in terms of keeping the age old tradition of thatching alive in Ireland. I was fortunate to meet him while he was thatching the Sweep Bar in Kilmeaden,  Co. Waterford.  This is a  man with wealth of knowledge and experience in relation to thatching.  His wonderful insights are presented in Section One of my writing on Social Bridges.