The Morning Dance

So, the clocks fell back in Ireland last night but the three dogs that populate our house are still tuned in to Summertime.

They sleep in different rooms because they have very different personalities and preferences but once one hears me opening even one eye, the morning chorus begins.

Mornings are a magical time for me as I am the person who gets to experience the three of them greeting the day.

Puppy Stan does a special dizzying twirl when he sees me coming and sometimes I wonder if he will take up hammer throwing for the inaugural doggy Olympics. He races around the garden as if doing training laps and then whizzes into the kitchen in search of his breakfast.

Meanwhile, the flying saucer upstairs has leapt from his bed and tears down the stairs like a man on a mission. He’s the fluffy mixum-gatherum one who is totally besotted with son.

Last,but very much not least, is the gentle hound, who always catches my eye with a look of gratitude before he dashes towards the garden and a reunion with the fluffy one. They have their garden haunts to check out and then when they see me arriving with breakfast, the gentle hound looks up at me and eyes a ‘thank you’ before he even glances at his dish.

When I let that pair in again, the fluffy one plays games trying to ensure that he his reunited with son ASAP.

The gentle hound always manages to find a bit of my bare flesh and kisses me with his wet nose. I so love him for his sweet gestures.

They are all quiet now but their contentment is nothing to mine after this life-enhancing show of love, appreciation and sheer exuberance through such different doggy personalities.

Separation Anxiety

We have a scruffy rough and tumble little dog living with us for many years now since son, H, found him abandoned on the beach.

We tried everything but couldn’t find his owner. He is utterly devoted to H as if he is eternally grateful for having been taken in and given the love he craves.

H was away for a few days and nothing, just nothing, I did could calm the poor dog or reassure him that he hadn’t been abandoned yet again.

Two days and nights  of soulful pining nearly broke my heart and the little black and white petal.

On H’s return, he finally capitulated and broke down in fits of coughing that were like gut-wrenching sobs.

A trip to the vet this morning showed that his poor throat is all inflamed from the stress of it all. But, relaxtion is finally returning now that he can see that his beloved owner is back and cares about him even more than ever.



Man and Dog

There’s something very appealing about men who clearly care greatly about their dogs and are hardly ever seen without them.

I was walking around the beach the other day with son, H, and we came upon a man sitting in the sun with his husky. I simply said: “Now there’s ‘man and dog,’ and dog-loving son agreed.

Next thing we saw the man root in a shabby looking rucksack and pull out a soft brush. As we pressed on, he was lovingly brushing the dog whose tail was wagging at a million wags a minute.

A glorious sight on the side of the sunny sandhills.


Woof, Woof, Woof …

Hi Everyone,

People talk about ‘a dog with two tails,’ and today I kinda feel like I’m a ‘puppy with three tails’ cos it’s three years today that I left my Mama and Dada and all my brothers and sisters on the farm in Co. Wexford and came to live in Tramore.

The time has flown by ~ just like those birds that I’m always racing after on the beach. You never catch up with time or birds from what I can see.

Would you believe that Jean put up a thingy on Twitter about me today and it’s gone zooming around the world. Here’s what she said:

Sometimes love comes with black spaniel ears, soft brown eyes and a heart of gold.

and there was this photo of meesy:


Well I got Harry to help me to get a photo of Jean to give her a surprise today  and this is the one he chose out of the collection I showed him cos he agreed that she ‘s kinda multi-layered and always keeping her eyes on us.

‘We See Through You’

This is the photo that Harry chose of me and didn’t know what Jean was thinking of with the Twittery one ~ even looking at that word has me thinking about those birds that tease me all the time:

Looking out to Sea

Now, I just have to wish the Stan I was called after bestest luck in the Australian Open last 16 tomorrow. Here’s hoping he can win the whole tournament just like he did three years ago.

Stan Wawrinka

I’ve ‘doogled’ Stan W and I think Jean will be a bit surprised to hear that he’s a Samuel Beckett guy too cos he has this tattoo on his arm:

Ever tried. Ever failed. No Matter. Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better (Samuel Beckett)

(I wonder if I could get a tattoo just like this one cos it just might help me to grow wings or maybe the three tails will help me to take flight after those birds …..)

Love ya to bits, Jeanio,

Your Puppy,


P.S. Sorry about ripping your furry boot to bits this morning. It was all the excitement of it being today and me and Harry were having a game of ‘catch the boot’ while we were planning this post.

P.P.S. The pieces are under the sofa if that’s any good.


Puppying Up

It’s three years today since Jean’s beloved King Charles, Sophie, died and I suddenly realised that I have an awful lot to thank her for. She was with Jean for nearly fourteen years and was her constant companion and bestest doggy friend. See, if Sophie hadn’t found her way into Jean’s heart she would never have wanted to get another dog ~and that dog happened to be me!

I’ve heard from Harry’s dog how Sophie and Jean were a strong female team in a house full of males and they understood each other inside out. Even I can see the special bond that they had from this photograph:

Me and Soph
Jean and Sophie

I’m a three year old puppy now and it all hit me today that Sophie would want me to be as kind as I possibly could be to Jean. I wonder am I growing up or what?

Anyway, I’ve tried my puppy-best to be as loving as I possibly can be today. (I suppose I should try and be like that everyday but that’s another matter.)

We went to the beach this morning and I tried to show her every ounce of beauty, even in blackness.

The Beauty of Blackness

Talking of colours, you won’t believe this but the other day when I thought Jean was going off without me she suddenly said: Do you want to come with me. I’m going in search of a rainbow.’ I hadn’t a clue what a rainbow was but I decided to take my chances and go with her. Here’s what we saw and it’s one of those moments that I think may have brought us even more together than ever. I hope she doesn’t mind me showing it to you but really and truly it was something to behold:

Our Rainbow

There’s pots of gold at the end of rainbows in Ireland, in case you didn’t know. (I didn’t know ’til Jean told me).  I think we’re probably talking pots of gold at both ends and I know now, for sure, that the pot of gold at the end we saw was Sophie smiling at us and passing on some of her wisdom to me.

Just want to let you know Sophie that I’m trying as hard as I can to be how you’d want me to be. And thanks for keeping that little doggy door open for me in Jean’s heart.


Puppy Stan xxx







A Tale of Two Waterfordian Sunsets

Today’s sunset was a blaze of colour. I was out on the Coastal Path in Dunmore East and could hardly tear myself away.

Dunmore East, Co. Waterford.

Yesterday’s was a much more subdued affair which I witnessed out on The Copper Coast which is further on down the coast.

Bonmahon, Co. Waterford

What brought special magic to this sunset was that I had brought my own blackness to take over when daylight succumbed.

Puppy Stan at the Ready

The softness of his coat and the starry glint in his brown eyes rendered the deep darkness warm, companionable and ours.


Things felt different today and I’m not sure why. Everyone is saying things like: Are you organised?’ and Have a good one. 

And then Jean started racing about the place putting shiny stuff around photos that are hanging on the wall and she even put bits of twigs with prickly leaves and red berries in the weirdest places, like hanging off the thingy that people bang the front door with.

I thought we’d     n   e     v    e     r       get to the beach and Jean was all teary listening to little kids on the radio talking to some guy that kept saying  Ho Ho Ho I thought we’d be safer if I drove than having her not able to see with all the blubbering mess.

Anyway, we got there eventually and there I was thinking that everything was normal when I saw the oddest looking moon I’ve ever seen. Just take a look:

Love Struck!

Whatever’s going on, I kinda like this bit. Imagine a world where everyone, and puppies of course,  are surrounded by love. If we can imagine it, I think we should do everything we can to make it come true.

How’s about it?

P.S. ( I just realised that that stands for Puppy Stan) When this song came on Jean went to pieces all together. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with her ~ snuggle up, I suppose.





Hi Everyone,

I hope you like my new bit of wisdom. I’m still all of a quiver thinking about the little episode that happened today to make me write it.

Me and Jean were out at the beach late in the afternoon. It had been pelting down with hard raindrops from early morning and even I didn’t want to go out in it until there was a bit of a clear up. So, by the time I got out I was racing around, chasing birds and sniffing at stuff.

I heard a little sort of whine, one that was like an echo of me, coming from behind a big rock and I went to see who was there. You’d swear it was me, except all geared up for swimming. It had whiskery things that I don’t really have. We looked at each other in as if we were looking at ourselves and next thing he looked into my eyes in that begging sort of way that I have down to a fine art.

The pair of us whined and gave little barks and Jean came to the bottom of the cliff where we were to see what I was up to. She looked pretty stunned when she saw us and, for some reason, she insisted on putting me on the lead.

She pulled me away and whispered that my new friend was a seal and that he had been tossed out of the sea where he lives. We went ever so quietly round the rock to check him out. He looked a bit awkward and embarrassed but next thing he took off down the sand with us walking beside him. He was able to move, I can tell you. When he got to the edge of the water, he looked up at us for a split second and then disappeared into the waves. This is the last we saw of him:

Puppy Seal

I was all upset when he vanished and for a second or two I thought about swimming out after him but got cold feet:

He Who Hesitates!

But, I must tell you that there was the most incredible sunset you’ve ever seen. I thought that Jean was going to get us cut off by the tide cos she was so engrossed just looking at it and H U G E big waves were lashing in and making the beach awful small. This is what SHE was looking at while I was planning a night on the beach in the freezing cold waiting for the tide to go back out again. (It does go back out eventually!)

The Red Sea

Oh, while I’m at it, let me offer another few words of wisdom:

The tide comes in a lot faster when there’s a lovely sunset so make sure that you have someone sensible with you.  (Puppy Stan)

With Love,

Puppy Stan.

P.S. If you see Puppy Seal, tell him that I miss him and hope he is well.


I was having a nose through Jean’s photos from today. I never know what I might find. She takes the oddest things sometimes when she goes off saying that she can’t take me cos I might run over a cliff or out in front of a lorry.

Anyway, I think she’s cottoned on to the fact that I keep a check on her. See, I like to run on ahead. I just don’t do ‘walk to heel’ or whatever it’s called. I mean who wants to be looking at someone’s heels all the time when you could be having a chance to look at everything that’s going on.

Oh, I didn’t realise that she had crept up behind me to take this one when we were out at the beach. I was having a breather after a mad race after some birds that gave me the runaround.

Chillin’ Out

Well, to come back to keeping a check on her. When I’m on ahead, I need to know that I haven’t lost her. I’m terrified of us getting separated and never being able to find each other again. I didn’t think she knew about all the quicker than quick glances until I saw this photo in the bunch:

Just Checkin’

I haven’t a clue how she got me like this cos I look round so fast that I didn’t think anyone, even Jean, could notice.

I’ve seen little children glancing round like I do and I understand exactly why they do it.

I don’t think grown-ups do it all that much but maybe that’s cos they walk beside each other most of the time and aren’t all into racing on ahead. I wonder will I always need to look back or will I stop doing it when I’m an older puppy.

The fact that Jean took the photo of me doing it makes me think that it matters to her cos she really only takes photos of things that she sees as being important for some reason or another.

Anyway, I hope she’ll always be there when I do look back.

Do any of you have a thing about glancing back? I’ve a feeling that it’s part of being sort of in love or whatever you’d call being attached to someone. There mightn’t be strings attached but there certainly are quickest of quick glances that are pretty much the same thing ~ maybe we’ll call them heartstrings!

And, of, course, there’s the quick glance back when someone you love is walking away. Do they just keep walking or do they look back and meet your eyes before they disappear? I just love that reassuring look back that Jean always gives me. It tells me that she has no intention of leaving me for very long.