Lucky Bags

I have no idea how I suddenly remembered the excitement of ‘lucky bags’ which were a highlight of my early days. They were so simple and full of sugary things and a little toy.

We lived next door to a sweet shop when I was four years old and I think that’s when I got addicted to them. My big sister used to buy them for me on the quiet. They were kept behind a big tall counter that I could hardly reach on tippy toes. I’d dance off with the bag and savour every single sweet in it.

Maybe it’s yesterday’s trip to the dentist that has brought them back to my mind combined with a card from big sis today.

She was all grown up and into Bournville (dark chocolate) at that point. I couldn’t understand how a bar of any kind of chocolate could be more enticing than a lucky bag. I’m just remembering the sherbet that was in them – all fizzy and powdery – the perfect giveaway on a woolly cardigan…..

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

17 thoughts on “Lucky Bags”

  1. Penny candy a favorite in my childhood…From “Mary Jane a Molasses taffy filled with peanut butter to the wax bottles filled with a syrupy concoction…Tootsie Pops too a lollypop with tootsie roll inside of it…just to name a few…I have had my share of dentist appts throughout my life…In fact I go next week…Yours sound devine…

  2. wow..that sounds divine…we never had those, at least never called them that. We have Cracker i do remember my grandmother living 2 doors down from a penny candy store and we did go fill a bag every now & favorite were Swedish fish:)

  3. Lucky Bags, the rubbish that used to tempt us eh? I used to love Bournville chocolate, partly out of loyalty to the fact that it was made in …erm…Bournville, a few miles down the road from us in Birmingham.

      1. Not really. If you worked there you were allowed to eat as much chocolate as you liked, as they knew you’d soon have had quite enough and wouldn’t touch it again 🙂

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