Ireland and Covid

We’re still in Level 5 Lockdown in Ireland after the terrible surge of cases post Christmas.

The 5km restriction is still here and only essential shops are open. Visits to houses and gardens are banned

There are some green shoots, however.

Case numbers that were in the 6,000 a day range have dropped gradually to about 550 and hospitalizations, ICU admissions and deaths are also decreasing.

Some classes in schools have opened up again recently and education and health services are priorities.

Vaccination rollout is slow due mainly to distribution issues but it is happening.

It’s not an easy time for anyone but it is such a relief that the out of controlness post-Christmas seems to have been dealt with.

Caution is the name of the game as we saw what the pre-Christmas opening did and the price paid has been terrible.

It will be many months before there is much relaxation but hopefully it will be worth the wait.

Seeing our county figures drop to single figures some days this week has been wonderful after the horrific outbreak here in Tramore after Christmas when the town was ravaged with the virus leaving many still very unwell or bereft.

Dunhill Castle Awaits

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

30 thoughts on “Ireland and Covid”

  1. I sure hope all of us will see some form of “normal” this year. Our little area has had a very good week this past week, with zero active cases and zero new cases on five out of seven days. We’re being cautiously optimistic that this may be a turnaround.

  2. What a beautiful photography, Jean. Some of our restrictions were eased in my state last week bit we still have a mask mandate and occupancy restrictions. It has not changed how we live, though. I am fearful of another surge in the U.S. Texas, for example, is lifting ALL restrictions. I fear it will be devastating for many. Unfortunately, only time will tell and the price will be paid in deaths I’m afraid.

  3. We are still masking here in my state..most stores are at least now requiring it. We have all been through a lot and it still disturbs me that many believe they are exempt from the recommendations..and not due to mefical reasons.i long for the return of semi normalcy yjo as date nights are getting rather dull.

      1. Yeah, I do. I hear tell of stores of vaccines still in the freezer because they aren’t organised enough to use them. It’s rather disheartening over here.

          1. It’s the situation in Quebec; not sure about the rest of Canada… We would need to start producing the vaccines here, if we want any reasonable delays.

  4. Opening up before Christmas didn’t help, however, I believe letting thousands of people into the country for Christmas is where a lot of the trouble originated.

  5. Here in Texas, there is a lot of outrage that our state governor has lifted the mask restrictions and opened all businesses to 100% occupancy. Following our terrible freeze disaster, this is a terrible idea when not all people have been vaccinated. Many businesses say they will continue the mask restrictions no matter what the governor says. With our number going down, this is not the time to relax the restrictions until we show significant progress, in my opinion. May you all be well, be happy, and be free soon.

    1. 100% opening seems to be asking for trouble.
      Hard to see how such a decision could be made in view of what seems like inevitable consequences.
      Also hard to see why mask wearing is such a bugbear. Is it vanity?

  6. I am very concerned here in the States, as so many states are relaxing guidelines, I watch the people enjoying Bike Week (Motorcycles) in Daytona Beach, all maskless, drinking, eating, hugging, and kissing everyone in sight and fear for next weeks numbers, we know the virus is still lurking waiting to catch us off guard.

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