The Vaccine

The whole issue of vaccination against Covid19 seems to be dominating every news outlet I hear, see or read.

I wonder to what extent vaccination is being perceived as as the silver bullet against this virus. Or is it gold, bronze, an also ran or a non-starter.

Here in Ireland it seems to me that it is being played down a little in case people get ahead of themselves and drop their guard in terms of the hand-washing, social distancing, going for testing etc.

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

28 thoughts on “The Vaccine”

  1. Jean,
    I am a “clinically extremely vulnerable “ person. I have so many drugs in my daily lot i am toxic. I have an appointment for the vaccine on thursday.
    They shouldn’t be able to vaccinate people against a virus they know so little about.
    I also feel almost compelled to take it as it is being pushed as “the way out” and my family have been so so cautious about me.
    It’s NOT sitting comfortably. And I don’t know if it will help or damage me.
    There are NO STATS for the reactions to vaccine. And that is a big deal for me.

  2. I am having a wait see outlook as it is a protector to others and yourself from getting severe affects from it..As I see it you can still get it so until more data is out about it I’m holding back especially because I am allergic to certain things . Until I know that it passes the test for what it’s intended for I will refrain from getting it…I will continue to mask, keep safe distancing and wash hands often ..I don’t feel that it’s a good thing to gather in crowds ..I’m waiting to see what this current gathering of the football super bowl game does to those who attended. .Better to be safe than sorry…I think the vaccine gives one a false sense of security…

  3. We will get the vaccine as soon as it is available to us. But it will not change our every day cautions. We will still wear masks, wash our hands, and stay home as much as possible. I feel comfortable that the science on which the vaccine is based has been around for years. We all need to make the decision that is right for us. I want to do everything possible so I can see my family again.

  4. I figure it has been a few weeks since people here in the states have been vaccinated some have even received their second doses. The media is not telling us people have had weird reactions or died, so that is hopefull. I do think we will have to get this vaccine forever, it will be yearly like the flu shot, Covid 19 is not going away its ability to mutate has proven that. I am scheduled for my first shot on Wednesday this week.

  5. I’m planning to get the vaccine as soon as I can, but with how the roll-out’s going in Virginia, it looks like that time will be very, very far away. People in my immediate circle are cautiously optimistic that the vaccine will make a difference, and those who’ve been lucky enough to get it seem very relieved, but we’re all worried about the new variants and how slowly things are progressing. We shall see what the coming months bring.

    1. Yeah the new variants are a bit of a business. No likelihood of me having it anytime soon either. Glad that there is a mega focus on people in care homes and frontline workers here.

      1. It’s the same here, and I’m glad of it, as well. It’s been really touching seeing my nurse friends get their vaccines after months and months of absolutely grueling work. I don’t know how they’ve handled it, and I’m just amazed and grateful every day for their bravery and their dedication. And I think in the next state over, they’ve managed to vaccinate all of the residents in long-term care facilities. It might be slow, but progress certainly seems to be steady in this extraordinary undertaking. Every time I think about it, I think about what the history books will say and how this story will be told.

  6. There are still strong warnings over here to keep up social distancing, etc. even once you’ve had the vaccine. I think it is being seen as the answer to everything, but then it probably only lasts so long before we’ll all need vaccinating again…

  7. Although I have allergies to preservatives in vaccines, I’ll take the COVID Vax as soon as I can. I’ll take my epi pen along for peace of mind. For my age group, that won’t likely be until late summer here. My parents are both in an assisted living facility. They’ve been locked down to visitors since before Christmas. They’ve had the first Moderna Dose and will have the booster shots soon. If both them and me being vaccinated will help with being able to visit them, then I’m going to do that.

      1. Yes, thank goodness they have a couples’ suite and they’re together. They’ve been joined at the hip for 68 years. We’re an extremely tightly knit family, so yes, it’s very difficult. One very good thing is that my 86 yr old Mom is techy, so she knows how to text, FaceTime, etc. I think she’s the only person in their facility who can do that.

        1. That’s great. My parents were joined at the hip too and managed to remain together at home to the end which meant the world to them. It was a nightmare when they were separated for even a night because they’d pine for each other. Love is ….

  8. Hubby had his vaccine jab this afternoon. I am hoping I won’t have to wait too long for mine. We will not be changing any of our precautions for a long while yet 💜💜💜💜

  9. As a pediatric RN here in the U.S. i just got my 2nd dose last night. I was terrified both times. I struggled with the fact that i felt like a guinea pig and am allergic to almost every thing…BUT, here’s the thing. Morally speaking- i am bound to put others lives before my own.Practically speaking- We need SOME people to get the vaccines or where else would we get this “data” everyone wants so much before they take it? Historically speaking- if no one wanted to take the polio vaccine or small pox, etc because it wasn’t tested long enough or they waited to wait to see how others faired-how many more would have died?In the end, i could not ethically say no. I had a sore arm and exhaustion the first time. So far with the second- same thing. Of course no one knows what the long term effects will be..but we would ever know if some weren’t willing to sacrifice..that being said…if i had never become a nurse, i may never have put so much time into my decision..and i completely understand the fear. I do not hold it against anyone for their own choices:)

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