Ten Years A-Blogging

I wasn’t sure how to feel when I saw the notification from WordPress that Social Bridge is now ten years old.

Puppy Stan on our bridge in Newtown Wood, Tramore, Co. Waterford

I thought they must be wrong but then remembered how I started in 2011 a few months after my father died.

It’s been a tough ten years in lots of ways but also one filled with moments of great joy, new discoveries and fun.

If I were back again, here are 10 things I would say to beginner blogger me:

#1. You will meet many fascinating people through this and many who you will count as true friends.

#2. You shouldn’t ever focus on statistics as they mean very little in terms of the overall quality of the blogging experience. Quality far outweighs quantity.

#3. Realise that blogging is a social activity and is not all about what you write. It’s as much about reading other blogs and commenting.

#4. Don’t be afraid to take blogging breaks if other things get in the way but be sure to let readers know you are taking a break and haven’t been kidnapped.

#5. Don’t take blogging too seriously. Life is far too short for that.

#6. Be open to the fact that your blog posts may trigger unexpected feelings in others and do your best not to offend.

#7. Treasure those who take the time to engage with you. This is valuable time they could have been using some other way.

#8. Be prepared to engage with people who are going through rough times and who have the courage to say so.

#9. Don’t try to be someone you aren’t. It isn’t sustainable long term in blogging

#10. Don’t publish a post when you are very unsure about whether it will offend. Let it lie for a while and re-assess it in the cool light of day. Blogging isn’t about upsetting or getting upset. It’s about sharing.

Thanks to all of you who have made this 10 years so much better than it might have been. You are treasures and I really appreciate you all and love how unique you all are.

On the Waterford Greenway, Ireland

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

32 thoughts on “Ten Years A-Blogging”

      1. Congratulations on a job well done..It’s been a pleasure to be in your life….Sometimes we get more than we give in life and your blogging has given a lot for one think about…sometimes a different perspective than what the reader feels…A chance to look at the “Other side of the coin”…

  1. Wow! Ten years! I agree with you. The connections made are fascinating and important to me, as well.
    I don’t give a fig about statistics, to tell you the truth. I think we each blog for different reasons (there are those who have built a business around it – way too much work for me!) and I think the bottom line is we have to do it for ourselves.
    Blogging is about participation and if someone takes the time to leave you a comment, the least you can do is respond, even if it’s with just a click of the “like” button – at least the person knows they did not do so for naught. But that’s how I roll. I lose interest in bloggers who don’t bother. If that is the case, then close your comments, no?
    Congratulations on your 10 years! I know I’ve been enjoying you for many of them πŸ™‚

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