Something I Have to Say

I have a big issue with the suggestion that people who survive serious diseases or illnesses like cancer or Covid 19 are somehow better fighters than those who die.

That way of thinking suggests that the people who die are lesser beings in terms of their will to live.

All this hurts me deeply because some of the strongest, most life-embracing people I have ever known have been swept away by killer diseases. They did all the right things but they were up against the impossible.

Yes, it’s great if people survive but it’s crucial to remember that there is a huge amount of luck involved as well as other things like genes and access to health care.

We need to be extremely careful lest we intentionally or unintentionally cast those who die as ‘losers.’

In my experience, it is we who are the ‘losers’ as those who stand no chance may well be people with hearts of gold and oceans of talent, vision and creativity.

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

12 thoughts on “Something I Have to Say”

  1. I agree. Everything from environment to access to medical care to timing to circumstance plays a part. I believe my mother would have had a better chance had the advancements in treatment we see now were available to her. Watching the care afforded to the president I am reminded this would not be the level of care I would be afforded in the same situation. None of those I lost were losers in any way.

  2. It’s all in how you look upon it..Those that have died put up the fiercest fight of their lives but it took it’s toll on them. Some just lose the will to continue the battle and who can blame them. Watching a person diminish to a shell of what they were once is heartbreaking. Medicines are great but it takes its toll too. You’re right it’s the luck of the draw and lucky are those who live in a time when great strides have been made…but some don’t get the benefit because of not having the right insurance, finances or the area where they live…Some achieve what their goals were while others can only dream of attaining them only to have their lives cut short before reaching them..But all do leave their mark no matter how great or small it may have been they are all heroes…

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