Trump v Biden – Debate 1

It was 2am our time in Ireland and I woke with a jolt as if there was an alarm clock going off.

The Trump v Biden debate was just starting and all these miles away I listened to the whole thing on BBC radio. So it was a bit of a triangle Ireland, UK and US.

It certainly kept me awake but then I am a political animal. Not seeing them, just hearing their points and interjections was an interesting way to do it but maybe the body language would have told me a lot more.

There was no commentary like you’d get with a boxing match on radio so I had no idea if blows were hitting home or one or other was clinging on to the ropes for a breather.

What struck me most was Biden’s slow delivery compared to Trump’s faster speech.

Also, in the dead of night miles away, I couldn’t but wonder about the fact that these are two men who in other spheres would be written off as old and vulnerable and candidates for cocooning.

Sleep resumed as soon as the debate ended.



Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

14 thoughts on “Trump v Biden – Debate 1”

  1. I chose not to watch. I knew what a circus it would be and I knew nothing would change my vote. Sadly, we are in a vortex of impossibility in this country.

  2. It wasn’t a pleasant thing to watch..It was an embarrassment to see our President acting this way..I felt bad for President elect Biden who was trying to act with decorum but was continuously insulted by President Trump. At times you couldn’t follow for the commotion of both trying to over talk each other…Trump was cruel and acted bully-like…I hope both will be able to conduct a better debate in the upcoming ones…

  3. Biden threw more of the insults and sooner. Talking over each other has been modeled by the drive-by media for years. The C-Span audience gave President Trump the win at over 60%.

  4. You have more strength than me Jean, political animal or not. I prefer to read a reasoned summary of political happenings rather than subject myself to the torture of ‘debate’ which rarely includes listening to, or considering, other points of view. As to US politics I wonder how democracy has evolved so that such a dangerous and volatile person gets the presidency. (Same goes for the present UK incumbent of the top job.)

    I suppose I follow ROI politics more than most, but that’s not saying much.

    1. I suppose there’s different horse powers to political amimality and I’ve the stamina of a steeplechaser and the wild tug of a flat sprinter.
      Wish I had it in all departments of life!!

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