Two Kilometres

The current COVID19 guidelines for exercise in Ireland have brought the radius of two kilometres from home into very sharp focus as we are not allowed to wander outside that boundary.

I feel utterly blessed that the sea is within my 2km range as it feeds my soul and offers horizons of hope.

Tramore Bay, Co. Waterford

Thinking about the 2 km in broader terms has made me think of all the history associated with everyone’s place in this country. I have found myself looking a lot more closely at the buildings, twists, turns, shadows, gardens and pondering on what history is associated with an area I know so well and how all the people currently in my little 2km radius are actually dealing with these strange times.

We all try to put a brave face on things but I guess there’s no one who is completely at ease. Everyone has their own ways of coping and more than anything this feels like a time when there’s no running away or getting away. When I was a child I used to think that if the worst came to the worst The Isle of Man would be my saving place. I don’t remember my rationale.

Now, it’s about coping, hoping, helping and being sensible. My new approach to coping with attacks of paralyzing stress is to draw on a menu of 5-minute treats, like trying to sketch a flower, listening to a song, reading a poem, petting the dogs, writing a haiku, making a smoothie and suddenly one becomes absorbed and the tension recedes.

Now a treat with puppy Stan and a walk within our 2 kilometres.

Take care, wherever you may be, dear friends.












Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

27 thoughts on “Two Kilometres”

  1. You’re so fortunate to have a beach so close. Here, we are on total lockdown, allowed only to go grocery shopping and to medical appointments. I feel fortunate that at least I have a yard large enough for Cody to run around, and for me to go outside and still be the required distances from any other human being.

  2. You are indeed lucky that your most beloved place is withing the 2 km radius! I think you would be completely bereft if it were not! These are strange times and it is lovely to see how many people have taken up cooking and baking and crafting – things they had put aside for lack of time. Now? Our time has been freed up to do these things. I’m lucky that we have financial aid in Canada for now though I shall be looking for a job, somehow.

    1. Yes, truly fortunate.
      Ireland has financial aid too, for the moment, but clearly a lot is going to depend on how long this lasts. It’s both in and out of our hands, in a manner of speaking.

            1. I guess it’s either a matter of working for some online set-up or charging people for classes you give either individually or in small groups. I know it ain’t easy peasy.

  3. I’ve been knitting teapot cozy’s in varying shades of color..I’ve completed three so far each one is unique in itself with an array of flowers on the top…I just made one for myself I call it Gemini cozy or Ying/Yang because one side is Halloween orange with a black top and the other is black with an orange top ..and the flowers are yellow/white/orange/and a black one that coordinates with the side that I sewed them on…My other go to is reading/ and playing word search trying to beat the computer…I stay in touch with family and friends viz e-mail…and walk around the yard looking for signs of Spring…Our children have been doing the picking up of needed items when they can…One daughter works at a grocery chain and picks up needed items..We’re thankful for this…I hope everyone is safe and staying out of harms way…

    1. Oh Joni, you’re giving me a yen to take up knitting again. You sound like a real pro at it, though.
      I’m glad you have your daughter helping out with the groceries. That must be very reassuring.

      Yes, staying safe is key.

  4. I was at the Doneraile in Tramore last Friday, Jean. It was beautiful. People were friendly, courteous and good humoured all the while observing social distancing.
    It did me good.
    Hope you’re well.

  5. Yes I’m very fortunate too Jean. I have the sea outside my window, a general stores nearby and also playing fields for a run. I can’t conceive being stuck in a high-rise somewhere with a family 😦

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