From Glory Days to This …

Every single day I pass Newtown House in Tramore and it’s like it just doesn’t want to be noticed any more or, worse still, photographed.

Newtown House, Tramore, Co. Waterford


It dates back to the 1750s and is described in An Introduction to the Architectural Heritage of County Waterford as follows:

… Newtown House (c.1750), Tramore, a substantial five -bay house with enclosed porch….. This attractive, substantial house of solid massing is historically associated with the Power family; a wing was added in the mid twentieth century and accommodates a private chapel.

One of the lovely features of Newtown House is its location. It has stunning views of Tramore Bay and there are remnants of a walled garden which is now used as a soccer field.

It was converted into Bed and Breakfast accommodation around the 1970s and has falling into complete disrepair, especially after a couple of fires, in the last decade or so.

Deep within the abandonment of the house lies some hints of its past:

Newtown House Fireplace.JPG
Fireplace in front hall
Archway over Remnants of the Staircase

Beating one’s way around the back through briars, there are some fairly intact windows that draw ponderings about the former inhabitants and how they must have loved the views of the the Bay when they opened the shutters:

Window to the Past

Something that matters hugely to me is that it was the O’Neill -Power family from Newtown House who were responsible for planting my precious Newtown Wood in the early 19th Century when they opened an avenue from the Metal Man landmark to Newtown Cove.

I live in hope every evening when I see Newtown House at sunset that it will experience a new dawn that will see it rise again from its abandoned state.

Sunset over Newtown House …

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

28 thoughts on “From Glory Days to This …”

    1. Hi CM, I suspect that if a real estate agent saw its true state that even he/she would wonder whether a little TLC would be worth a jot at this stage. I’d love to think that that’s all it would need!

  1. It’s sad to see such a regal house fall into a state of disrepair..A song that comes to mind is “This Old House” by Rosemary Clooney…

  2. Yes, I can see shades of its glory days when viewed at sunset. It does make me sad to see such splendor abandoned. I see many photos of castles all around the world that still hold magic in them but are crumbling as nature reclaims what came from her.

  3. I love the architecture of that time period. Such a shame to see it in that dilapidated state, although it has a certain shabby chic appeal of its own. It would be a dream to refurbish as close as possible to its original state — apart from the lack of central heating, of course!

    1. Sarah, I love the notion of ‘shabby chic appeal.’ Must remember that if I ever need to describe myself!
      Yes, a dream to have it refurbished. I could live in it without central heating. Lots of fireplaces and a few stoves.

          1. I know that if I have to look smart, it makes me feel very awkward. Much prefer to dress in baggy jumpers and leggings worn with flat boots or clogs. Definitely, I put comfort above all else when it comes to clothing. Also, I never wear make-up and am allowing my hair to go grey! x

  4. Always so sad to see derelict properties like this. With their going we lose a little bit of social history. Such a shame for it to have lasted for such a long time only to be destroyed by fire and vandalised.

  5. Sad indeed – it’s easy to imagine its Ascendancy heyday with squires riding to hounds, whipping the peasantry out of the way. It’s a particular charm of Ireland that these places are not swept away as they might well be elsewhere. We can still relate to them, and we still have the legacy of the Woods.

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