Woof, Woof, Woof …

Hi Everyone,

People talk about ‘a dog with two tails,’ and today I kinda feel like I’m a ‘puppy with three tails’ cos it’s three years today that I left my Mama and Dada and all my brothers and sisters on the farm in Co. Wexford and came to live in Tramore.

The time has flown by ~ just like those birds that I’m always racing after on the beach. You never catch up with time or birds from what I can see.

Would you believe that Jean put up a thingy on Twitter about me today and it’s gone zooming around the world. Here’s what she said:

Sometimes love comes with black spaniel ears, soft brown eyes and a heart of gold.

and there was this photo of meesy:


Well I got Harry to help me to get a photo of Jean to give her a surprise today  and this is the one he chose out of the collection I showed him cos he agreed that she ‘s kinda multi-layered and always keeping her eyes on us.

‘We See Through You’

This is the photo that Harry chose of me and didn’t know what Jean was thinking of with the Twittery one ~ even looking at that word has me thinking about those birds that tease me all the time:

Looking out to Sea

Now, I just have to wish the Stan I was called after bestest luck in the Australian Open last 16 tomorrow. Here’s hoping he can win the whole tournament just like he did three years ago.

Stan Wawrinka

I’ve ‘doogled’ Stan W and I think Jean will be a bit surprised to hear that he’s a Samuel Beckett guy too cos he has this tattoo on his arm:

Ever tried. Ever failed. No Matter. Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better (Samuel Beckett)

(I wonder if I could get a tattoo just like this one cos it just might help me to grow wings or maybe the three tails will help me to take flight after those birds …..)

Love ya to bits, Jeanio,

Your Puppy,


P.S. Sorry about ripping your furry boot to bits this morning. It was all the excitement of it being today and me and Harry were having a game of ‘catch the boot’ while we were planning this post.

P.P.S. The pieces are under the sofa if that’s any good.


Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

24 thoughts on “Woof, Woof, Woof …”

    1. Hi Willow and Ruby, I don’t know if I should blame Harry. He’s so nice to me and I’d hate to get him into troubs. We have the bestest fun together doing sort of forbidden things. (Boys will be boys!!!). Love Stanny xxx

  1. Stan, you have such a knack for posting something that touches all the nerves–emotion and memory, joy and laughter, and just the teeniest bit of naughtiness, but the kind that does not hurt living things. (I know after Sammy chewed up my favorite pair of pumps, Rando, a pragmatic guy, said, “Then do not leave them in the floor!”) Love the photo of Jean you selected–pithy description, too.

  2. PS I just wanted to say that when accessing you from the page from where I manage my blog, it says “This blog hasn’t posted anything recently”. I usually access you from my email, but couldn’t be bothered to sign into my email today and was working down the list of people I follow instead. Perhaps you would like to check this out –maybe ask another follower if it says the same on their blog, too. You don’t want people missing your lovely posts because of some glitch.

  3. Oh Stan! You are a real softie, you know that? Dale keeps taking a bazillion pics of me too with this thing called Instagram. I don’t want to sound all showoffy but I keep hearing how gorg I am… I dunno what the fuss is, you know? Anyway, I’m a lot older than you – already 7 ya know – and I’ve not chewed a thing in eons. But it must be next to impossible to resist if Harry is the instigator… Well, you seem to have survived this mishap, hopefully you don’t have too many in the future!
    All the best, Zeke xo

    1. Hi Zeke, thanks for writing. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be 7. You must be very wise. I think I’ll always be chewing stuff though. It seems to be part of who I am. Were you a chewer when you were my age?
      That Instagram thingy hasn’t come into this house yet. I’d better not tell J about it or she might do a Dale on it!

      1. I have my silly moments still so I’m not too wise!
        I was not a real big chewer though I did leave some marks on the table leg. Dale and Mick were not happy with me.
        And once, I stole a piece of ham off the cutting board (my brother Iain was making an omelette) and oh my gosh! my tongue burned for what felt like hours! He also had some hot peppers on the board! I am NEVER stealing food again!
        Oh Instagram is apparently quite fun. I dunno…

    1. Handsome is a strange word ~ kind of grown -up. But thanks for using it, Andrea.
      Yes, the dread boot affair is passed. I had a good chew on the second one today. Might as well, I thought! Sxxx

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