Hi Everyone,

I hope you like my new bit of wisdom. I’m still all of a quiver thinking about the little episode that happened today to make me write it.

Me and Jean were out at the beach late in the afternoon. It had been pelting down with hard raindrops from early morning and even I didn’t want to go out in it until there was a bit of a clear up. So, by the time I got out I was racing around, chasing birds and sniffing at stuff.

I heard a little sort of whine, one that was like an echo of me, coming from behind a big rock and I went to see who was there. You’d swear it was me, except all geared up for swimming. It had whiskery things that I don’t really have. We looked at each other in as if we were looking at ourselves and next thing he looked into my eyes in that begging sort of way that I have down to a fine art.

The pair of us whined and gave little barks and Jean came to the bottom of the cliff where we were to see what I was up to. She looked pretty stunned when she saw us and, for some reason, she insisted on putting me on the lead.

She pulled me away and whispered that my new friend was a seal and that he had been tossed out of the sea where he lives. We went ever so quietly round the rock to check him out. He looked a bit awkward and embarrassed but next thing he took off down the sand with us walking beside him. He was able to move, I can tell you. When he got to the edge of the water, he looked up at us for a split second and then disappeared into the waves. This is the last we saw of him:

Puppy Seal

I was all upset when he vanished and for a second or two I thought about swimming out after him but got cold feet:

He Who Hesitates!

But, I must tell you that there was the most incredible sunset you’ve ever seen. I thought that Jean was going to get us cut off by the tide cos she was so engrossed just looking at it and H U G E big waves were lashing in and making the beach awful small. This is what SHE was looking at while I was planning a night on the beach in the freezing cold waiting for the tide to go back out again. (It does go back out eventually!)

The Red Sea

Oh, while I’m at it, let me offer another few words of wisdom:

The tide comes in a lot faster when there’s a lovely sunset so make sure that you have someone sensible with you.  (Puppy Stan)

With Love,

Puppy Stan.

P.S. If you see Puppy Seal, tell him that I miss him and hope he is well.

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

38 thoughts on “Puppiness”

      1. I am fine thanks Stanny…. mind you I was naughty today . We went to visit my friend Monty (the Whippet owned by her sister in law) I snook in the garage where his food is kept and pinched some!! It was DELICIOUS!! xxxxx

  1. Puppy Stan, I wish I could come play on the beach with you and see Puppy Seal.. All I see are magpies, kookaburras and butcher birds, and the noisy mynahs of course. I guess they aren’t too bad as they sing beautifully. Wish I could fly, then I could fly under the pergola and up into the cool mango tree with them …or I could fly all the way over to Ireland to visit you.
    Mmm, maybe that would be a little bit far, so I’ll just send wishes instead..

    1. Hi Buster, sounds like you have lots to see. I’ve never heard of half them. A mango tree sounds cool!
      It’s not that far to Ireland, I don’t think. People and dogs always seem to be coming and going.
      Think about it and maybe next year? Love Stan xx

    1. It was something else, Sue. Ani would have loved it, I’m sure.
      Don’t talk to me about sunsets, just now. Jean is obsessed with them and I mean obsessed with a big O.
      Love Stan xxx

            1. I don’t know about the wrinkles. I’ve seen some verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry wrinkly dogs with unwrinkly oldish looking owners. I hope my ears don’t get all wrinkledy. Sx

    1. Oh WOW, Lorrie, I had to ‘doogle’ the meaning of selkie and this is what I found:
      Selkies (also spelled silkies, sylkies, selchies; Irish: chéile séala, Scots: selkie fowk) are mythological creatures found in Irish, Scottish and Faroese folklore. Similar creatures are described in the Icelandic traditions. Selkies are said to live as seals in the sea but shed their skin to become human on land.
      I think you are on to something!
      Thanks, your friend, Stan xxx

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