I was having a nose through Jean’s photos from today. I never know what I might find. She takes the oddest things sometimes when she goes off saying that she can’t take me cos I might run over a cliff or out in front of a lorry.

Anyway, I think she’s cottoned on to the fact that I keep a check on her. See, I like to run on ahead. I just don’t do ‘walk to heel’ or whatever it’s called. I mean who wants to be looking at someone’s heels all the time when you could be having a chance to look at everything that’s going on.

Oh, I didn’t realise that she had crept up behind me to take this one when we were out at the beach. I was having a breather after a mad race after some birds that gave me the runaround.

Chillin’ Out

Well, to come back to keeping a check on her. When I’m on ahead, I need to know that I haven’t lost her. I’m terrified of us getting separated and never being able to find each other again. I didn’t think she knew about all the quicker than quick glances until I saw this photo in the bunch:

Just Checkin’

I haven’t a clue how she got me like this cos I look round so fast that I didn’t think anyone, even Jean, could notice.

I’ve seen little children glancing round like I do and I understand exactly why they do it.

I don’t think grown-ups do it all that much but maybe that’s cos they walk beside each other most of the time and aren’t all into racing on ahead. I wonder will I always need to look back or will I stop doing it when I’m an older puppy.

The fact that Jean took the photo of me doing it makes me think that it matters to her cos she really only takes photos of things that she sees as being important for some reason or another.

Anyway, I hope she’ll always be there when I do look back.

Do any of you have a thing about glancing back? I’ve a feeling that it’s part of being sort of in love or whatever you’d call being attached to someone. There mightn’t be strings attached but there certainly are quickest of quick glances that are pretty much the same thing ~ maybe we’ll call them heartstrings!

And, of, course, there’s the quick glance back when someone you love is walking away. Do they just keep walking or do they look back and meet your eyes before they disappear? I just love that reassuring look back that Jean always gives me. It tells me that she has no intention of leaving me for very long.


Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

19 thoughts on “Heartstrings”

  1. Hi Stanny I hope you put those photos back carefully as I think they are very precious to Jean!!
    My humans willow and my hero are attached by heart strings even though they don’t always get on they always look back on each other if they not walking together and they always look back at me!!! I watch them as they may need me at any moment ! This walking to heel is a fine thing I quite like it!! Love Ruby.xxxx

  2. Stan, you picked a great title for your post. Heartstrings indeed, I look around for my Nan too, as we are well connected by heartstrings. She’s told me that her Daddy used to walk a lot faster than her, with his long legs, and her short legs, so he would ‘pull her along’ with his heartstrings, so she could catch up. I think she meant that he would smile and slow down a bit, but she called it heartstrings… I call it love. Have fun exploring, Buster…

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