Donald, Pope Francis and Me

Things went a bit quiet on the Donald-front here in Ireland after all the hullabaloo over the lewd tape and the final debate. It seemed that it was game, set, and match to Hillary and that Donald had gone off in a sulk. But yesterday, it seemed that maybe the silence was akin to that you associate with a toddler who is up to mischief. We suddenly started hearing about Florida and the gap closing and that maybe he’s bouncing back with a chance.  All I could think was how appealing the Moon or, better still Mars, suddenly appeared, even if it meant being all cooped up, floating around and living on what I assume would be lots of pop-a-pill and sips of stale water.

I was over at the John F. Kennedy  Arboretum in Co. Wexford recently to see the Autumn tints. The trees were magnificent and I couldn’t but think of how JFK was, rightly or wrongly revered in Ireland. (I somehow don’t think Donald would ever get to the ‘r’ of ‘revered.’)

Meanwhile, Pope Francis’ latest ‘edict,’ or whatever you call it, on cremated ashes has really upset me in a roundabout way. I’m not into religion, as you know, but the Pope’s new ruling that cremated ashes must be kept intact in a consecrated place has led to a lot of discussion in Ireland about cremation itself. The tone of the radio discussions that I happened to hear were horrible and cremation was made to seem like a cheapy, impersonal, rushed process. Many of my loved ones have been cremated and I have to say that I have never, ever felt any sense of the kind of stuff I was hearing yesterday.

Pope Francis can say what he likes about cremated ashes, but I certainly hope that mine will be scattered in some wild place by the sea, as I have requested.

The thing about all this is that we’ve got to realise that our time on earth, no matter who we are ~ you, me, The Pope, The President of The United States ~  is very finite and basically like a heartbeat. But how we use that heartbeat does matter ~ as we are not islands and other people will be coming along after us.

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

22 thoughts on “Donald, Pope Francis and Me”

  1. I too think ashes should be scattered someplace the person loved, not relegated to a cemetery plot. All I see in this latest new issue is another thing that smells of money! To be put in a sacred consecrated plot or tomb, will cost you, even if your family plot still has room for you, the Catholic Cemetery will charge you to open the grave, etc. All about money is what I say.

  2. I am not subject to the will or ruling of the Pope. My ashes will go wherever my loved ones feel they should. My choice too would be the wild high moors…but at the end of the day, it matters not at all to me…only to those who remain.

            1. Ah baloney! I had a feeling that’s what you’d say. Maybe Mars is for me. Is there a chance that D would want to build a golf course there. Didn’t realise ’til tonight that he plays off 3.

  3. My ashes will be scattered over the old family ranch. I suppose the Pope is thinking of the resurrection but that does not matter to me. Most of us are sick of the election process and will be glad when it is over. It is way too long and has been undignified!

    1. Hi CC, the old family ranch sounds lovely.
      Yes, I’m sure the Resurrection was part of the decision but I’m not sure how either cremated or buried could be re-constituted, if one believed in all that.
      The campaign certainly seems very long . It would take some stamina to go through all that and then serve as President. I feel exhuasted even thinking about it.

  4. I haven’t heard zip about the cremation issue, other than what the Pope said. But (on my own haha) I wondered if others would think it a big deal and thought of all my writer friends who have written on the subject–and my aunt who asked that hers be spread over the botanical gardens in Chicago (they were). Re Donald, how did this HAPPEN? And not that I like Hillary or think she’s honest (because I don’t). It’s a DISASTER over here, and yes, I am shouting.

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