It’s getting dark earlier and earlier here in Ireland and when you’re a black puppy like me, there’s a kinda danger of becoming invisible.

It’s handy sometimes when you want to get up to a bit of mischief but, in general, I prefer to be seen, and sometimes heard!

So, Jean and me have been making the most of sunsetty walks, especially on beaches.

I get all almost paralysed with excitement when we get into the car for one of these precious expeditions.

Looking Forward

Then on the beach, it’s all go:

Playing Fetch

Shadows are awful strange things, aren’t they? It’s like having a twin or something. I like the name of a book that Jean told me about that she adored when she was small:ย Shadow the Sheepdog.ย I’m not a shadowy kinda dog cos I always want to be in front not trailing along behind.

You’ve no idea how much running and racing I do after seagulls. I think I must have been having a breather here.

Momentary Pause

Time for bed now. Can I tell you a secret? I can’t bear the pitch dark so have a little light on in my ‘bedroom.’ Maybe I’ll grow out of that when I’m older but for now, I neeeeeed it.

Talk soon and sleep very tight.


Puppy Stan

P.S. Jean says that I prove that black and brown don’t clash like she was always told as a child. Does this make any sense to any of you?


Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

44 thoughts on “Blackness”

  1. Stan, you be careful and mind Jean! My cat Kana is all black and sometimes the shadows in the house hide her and I almost trip over her. We are always trying to figure out how to be more careful.

    1. Hi Luanne, it’s impossible for them to see me in the dark so I have to do my best to get out of the way. That can be awful when I’m fast asleep and have to leap up in case one of them planks their big foot on me. Now can you see one of the reasons I like the light when I’m sleeping? Love S.

            1. Now this is when I get scared when I hear that ‘Meow.’ I’m trying some deep breathing here and that mindfulness thing that they’re all going on about. Janey Mac, there’s an awful lot of gimmicky words kicking around. How are you on ‘mindfulness,’ Kana?

            2. I’m mindful not to make you scared, Stan. I don’t really say Meow anyway. I thought you would expert to hear that. I should have just been myself.

  2. Hi, Stan, I’m not black but I do have a shadow. Today while out for our walk, my mom tried to take a photo of my shadow, but I speeded up so she couldn’t do that. I like to mess up her photo shoots any way I can. But it looks like you enjoy having your picture taken, don’t you? I think your brown eyes are awesome against your shiny black fur. Your friend, Puppy Cody.

    1. Hi Puppy Cody, I don’t seem to notice when Jean’s taking the photos. She kinda gets me when I’m distracted by something else.
      What colour are you? Do you have brown eyes too? Stanny

  3. Stan, it is ok to need a light in the dark. It is often quite dark, especially in the fall and winter. Jean took some beautiful photos of you. Puppy kisses. Benji.

  4. Hi Stanny, it’s Ruby here! I am blonde but I can still be hard to see in the dark. My mum is going to get me a collar with a flashing light on for the winter nights.
    I also have brown eyes. I think all these human ideas about colours that go together ate daft I live your brown eyes and black coat .
    Talking of costs mum has bought me a rain coat with a fleece lining for the winter I am a tad embarrassed as it is extra large.. don’t tell anyone that please!

  5. I made some mistakes so will correct them now!
    . I think all these human ideas about colours that go together are daft I love your brown eyes and black coat .
    Talking of coats mum has bought me a raincoat with a fleece lining for the winter.
    As for needing a light on I do not blame you. I had to spend most of my time in the dark as when I was working the blind lady did not need a light when it got dark. I like having the light on now๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. Hi Ruby, you never told me before that you were once a working dog. I’m FULL of admiration. It must be a nice feeling to know that you’ve been such a help to someone.
      I’ve never had a coat. I’d eat that as well as the hat that Willow showed us on you recently. You must be very different to me but opposites attract? Love Stan xx

      1. Well I am blonde for a start but I have brown eyes. I am very obedient but I like to think for myself so I am no push over. I love my toys especially if they squeak. I know I like you Stanny and will ask willow to post a photo of me in my new coat as soon as. Be good for Jean please! Xxxx

        1. WOW, sounds like we’re verry different. I hate squeaky things and I don’t do obedience very well! Went on a mad run away on the beach today and Jean said that I looked like a tiny full stop off in the distance.
          I’d love to see the coat ~ maybe I’ll give one a go after I’ve seen it. Sleep well, Sx

        2. Ruby, an awful thing just happened. I fired your today’s nice comment into the bin by total mistake as I was so excited to get it and now I can’t get it back out.
          Have a lovely, lively day. Sxxx

          1. Stanny! Really, you are so impulsive but you are young. I said that it would be very boring if we were all the same! You are still young and as you get older you will slow down a little. I have just come back from a two hour walk. I will send a photo when willow puts my coat on … I have not worn it yet!! Love for now Ruby! xxxx

            1. Oh! Your not another dog that chases birds and squirrels and cats are you. It looks like so much fun but I have been taught not too do I just stand and watch the other dogs wonder what’s going on!!

            2. Ruby, you sound too obedient, if that’s possible. Was that to do with your training as a working dog? That’s very admirable but maybe you need to let go a bit now. I could give you a few tips!

            3. I am trying but it so hard to let go!! I do talk to other dogs now and to humans. I have been trained to concentrate on working so I find it hard to relax. But I am trying !

  6. Oh my goodness, this was so sweet!!!! My sister named her dog Shadow actually, so this reminded me of that little pup โค Loved how you wrote this from your dog's perspective ! Thanks for sharing, Stan ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Hi Robin, of course I haven’t caught any seagulls yet. It’s not as easy as it looks!
      As for plans, I think I know what would happen ~ cos I got a kinda preview. I was on the beach one day and came across a seagull whose wing was injured so it couldn’t fly. I was scared witless when I saw the size of it and ran like mad in the opposite direction. Does that answer your question?

    1. Hi Elen, must say I rather like bringing the two together as well. Jean says that she wasn’t allowed wear black shoes with brown trousers when she was young or have a brown bag and a black coat. Sound daft to me. Implies I need to find black eyes or a brown coat! Love Stanny

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