Mindfulness with Puppy Me

This was meant to be all relaxez-vous and lig do scith (that’s ‘relax’ in Irish) but I’m in a total dogfaddle cos I think I’ve banjaxed Jean’s phone and I may have bagsed up the blog by sticking my big nose into stuff that’s not really mine.


See, they were all out for a while and I got a bit bored, especially when the sun spot I was snoozing in went all shady and chilly.

I was dying to have a look at pics Jean took out in the woods this morning and managed to get phone down from the kitchen table (with a box of bikkies). I was all sugared up and found myself downloading and uploading like nobody’s business. Only thing was I was deleting and crumbing up all sorts of stuff, including some VIPs ( very important photos).

How am I going to explain? ย Maybe she’ll see this video and be all calm before she tackles me – if she can find me.

I’m going to need every bit of calm I can muster so let’s all sit back and breathe nice and easy and just ‘be.’

Talk sometime, maybe.

Stanny x


Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

21 thoughts on “Mindfulness with Puppy Me”

  1. Here’s Puppy Cody’s advice: when Mom finds out, just cringe, pin your ears back, and look at her with those huge sad eyes as if you think she’s going to whack you one (even if she never has, and never would, that look will bring out the guilt, trust me). Instead of being punished, you’ll probably wind up with a treat – if you can manage to crawl a couple of inches, you might even get two treats. Works for Puppy Cody, every time.

      1. Ah, Stanny, Mom just needs to think that you think that she might. Doggie moms are very prone to guilt. As for the ears, just hold them back a bit as if you’re very, very sorry for whatever it is she thinks you might have done – and maybe tuck the tail between your legs just a wee bit. Very effective.

        1. She still doesn’t know what I’ve gone and done to her photos. She just took me for a walk and I was looking up at her all brown-eyed. She said I was the best dog in the world. Felt such a fraud but maybe I’ll get a good point or two for that.

    1. Good news!
      Big Bro is really and truly in the soup after an escapade so all attention off phone and pics and ME. Maybe I won’t need to follow your motto but I’ll sure tuck it away for future reference. ( Think I chewed the camera bit when I was tearing into the ginger nuts. My teeth are feeling a bit funny ….

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