Pause, Paws and Mischief

Me and Jean went to the beach today. The tide was miles out and, if I’m honest about it, so was Jean’s mood.

She was raging over some horrible stuff she said she was eejity enough to read on Twitter, whatever that is.

Anyway, it was nasty comments about people who aren’t white and she said that they may as well be kicking me, in all my blackness, around the place too.

It seems potty to me that someone could think that a white dog is somehow ‘better’ than me, based just on our colours.

I’m not going to take this too seriously cos I have friends who are all sorts of colours and I know that colour has nothing to do with whether they are kind-hearted or good fun or anything really.

I couldn’t resist having a go at painting the beach red but I look like an odd kind of red setter perched on my rock:

Redder than Red

So, I’m going back to my blackness and the ‘moody’ kinda pic that Jean likes.

Black Me!



Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

17 thoughts on “Pause, Paws and Mischief”

  1. A lab friend of mine enjoys wearing a neck scarf that says : ‘Black labs matter.’
    Color me blue that people think there’s a hierarchy in color.
    To the black, white, pink, purple, yellow and indigo in us all. XO

    1. Oh I like the sound of that scarf. Is it a boy or ua girl lab? What colour’s the scarf? I’d like a multicoloured one or one that’s blacker than black, like was it Van Gogh talked about. Sxxx

  2. You are some canine,Stanley! I had not realized you were a dog of colour and it’s interesting that I loved you to bits even before I knew that, but it wont make a jot of difference. You were however sailing a bit close to the wind there with the Red Setter cross dressing. Several Red Setters have owned me in the past so I am very attracted by them, and to be honest Spaniels come in second if a close one. So you need to keep Jean away from those Twits she keeps company with – in fact you might suggest that she ghost write your autobowography as she seems to have too much time on her hands and you are not great at painting things red. Have you tried dictating to her? Woof!

    1. Oh I love Red Setters, SV, but J had a terrible experience with one years ago when it took a lump out of my big bro, Harry’s face. So, they are a dicey subject! Sorry if I offended your sensibilities.
      As for dictating, I do it all the time. Have to keep her on her toes away from the silly Twits and that crazy Cheekybook, is it?
      No, too young for autobowography. Anyway, too many secrets never to be shared. You know the kinda thing?? Love Stanny.

    1. Now you’re talkin’, Tara. Imagine a calendar of my very own ~ even unofficial! Thing is would anyone except me be interested in it except me, Jean and you or would they see it like a whole heap of boring baby photos? (I don’t like babies and I don’t think they like me much either!). Stanny.

        1. You’re teasing me now, Kiddo! I’ve a bark as deep as my blackness. I won’t go into the bite YET!

          Actually, I doogled calendars for a gawk and they seem fun. Wonder should I do some ‘Crowdfunding’ or would there be a stampede to sponsor me. ( Forget what I wrote about barks and bites. I can be the sweetest pie when required. The Spaniel School of Acting take a bow-wow!

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