My Inner Idiot

In these days of positivity, you’re not really meant to admit to being stupid about stuff but I’m bursting with words and sayings that sing idiocy. And, who among us doesn’t lie, sit, dance, waver, wave , reel, do handstands and U-turns on the idiotic continuum most of the time?

It’s great to have a repertoire of words with which to tick oneself off for foolishness so just in case you’d like a menu, here’s a few starters.

#1.  Meet the eejit …

#2. What a big galute! 

#3. The Irish didn’t create the word amadán for nothing.

#4. Okay, okay, I know I’m a right  gom.

#5. I think I’ll give grinds on loop-the-lu-las after that performance.

#6. They obviously saw this gomdoodle coming

#7. How could I have been such a clown?

#8. Yes, I’ll have to admit it after THAT: ‘I am a complete and utter head-the-ball.’

#9. As Dad used to say, ‘I’m thicker than the walls of China and they are thick indeed.’ 

#10. In the immortal words of Uncle Wilfred, ‘I’m a little eegit.’ 





Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

27 thoughts on “My Inner Idiot”

  1. Or if you’re a higher class of idiot, you could be a ‘feckin eegit’ Love the variety we have at our disposal. My mum has so many sayings not words, to cover it, such as, ‘He is always suckin the hind tit’. She’s a very respectable lady and would never use bad language of any sort but says this and others without realising what she’s actually saying.

    1. Tric, I nearly fell out of the bed reading about your mother’s example.Both my parents had a litany of sayings as well. It helped that they came from different parts of the country.

      1. My mum’s come mostly from my grandmother. They are gas and she uses them in everyday. I think there’s a post out there in the future. 🙂

  2. You are way too hard on yourself!!! But, I love learning about those sayings as I’d never heard of any of them before…but the interesting thing is the comment about head-the -ball…I heard last week about research they are doing on soccer players who seem to have acquire early onset dementia in larger numbers than the average population and they think it is to do with ‘heading the ball’…so I wonder what the origin of that saying is…language is powerful…so be good to yourself:):)

    Dougal says hi…its a lovely day here and the pair of them are busy with a hausmusik event at ours this arvo…but I hope they dont forget my end of the day walk:)

    1. Hi Olga, I don’t think I’m ovetly hard on myself. What else is it but idiocy to think you can drive 50 miles on an empty tank of petrol or expect Stan to refrain from gobbling down a piece of meat casually left on the edge of the kitchen table or …..
      Yes, I saw that soccer research and it’s very sad. The saying has been round a long time and I don’t think there’s a connection unless saying got someone thinking.

  3. Oh my gosh, I need to somehow bookmark this. I’ve never heard these expressions!!! In my family, nobody ever called anybody an idiot, especially a child, although the gardener (ahem) has been known to call a lot of people idiots behind their backs. As you know, I am married to the gardener, not actually related to him ;).
    Anywho, the important question is this: what happens when you give cherries to pigs?

    1. Hi Luanne, I must emphasise that such remarks tended to be self-directed in our family based on the principle that a ‘bad workman blames his tools,’ and that it’s part of the human condition to do idiotic things. Ideally, one should learn from one’s idiocy but I for one have always been slow to do that. For example, blaming someone or something else when I do foolish stuff like leaving the iron on overnight!
      As for the pigs, think ‘runs.’

      1. Hahaha, I get that about the self-directed stuff! That is one thing about the gardener: his comments are behind backs, but they are not self-directed ;).
        I wondered about that with the pigs. Is it the pits or just the fruit, i wonder. See, my imagination always gets the best of me.

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