How Long to Write a Blog Post?

I sat down well over two hours ago to write a post and got so engrossed in what I was doing that time ran out on me as I have to dash off and do some taxi-driving!

Got me wondering, though, how long people generally spend writing their blog posts?

Pondering Time: Photo by Son, Harry

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

25 thoughts on “How Long to Write a Blog Post?”

  1. Entirely depends on the amount of research I might need to do (like writing on a historical building) or if it is just something on my mind and more of a ‘conversation.’

  2. Hello Jean
    My posts are irregular and depend on the issue I am dealing with in relation to my study. Usually I spend at least half an hour to an hour…:)

  3. About half a day normally – I write, leave it for several hours or overnight and then come back to edit/cut down and remove all the easy clichés. Writing can be a slow process and explains my slow post rate 😉

  4. Hi Jean, it usually depends on what I’m writing about or if I’m posting photos that might take a little longer. But usually about a half hour or so…have a great weekend!

  5. As long as it takes. I write and select the photos, or sometimes the other way around, then resize the images for faster loading and tweak the text a number of times. Yup, it takes as long as it takes.

  6. No time at all. I just scribble stuff down, like in a diary. Uploading pics takes the longest. I admire those that take time and care. Some blogs are literary in their quality and – together with the research – must take many hours.

  7. Hi Jean,

    I smiled to myself as I read your blog post. I used to spend at least an hour planning my blog post and then another hour writing it, getting it just right. These days, I usually sit down on Tuesday afternoon, pick a picture from my phone, upload it to my blog and write a few words about it.


  8. I read your question and wished I could say a half hour, but realised it’s more often closer to 2, by the time I’ve selected images etc. It’s taking me way too much time lately, which is why I’m down to once a week – or in the case of this week, not at all. I need to find quicker subjects to rant about!

  9. Jean that photo your son took is awesome. Brilliant. At fist I skipped over it sure it was stock until I saw the coast line and came back and realized that Harry had taken it. Amazing.

    Hmmm, anyway – how long to write. Varies a lot, but you are right, research is a big determiner. I only post once or occasionally twice a week so I can take the time. It runs from 3 – 12 hours, depending on research and pictures choices. Oddly enough, some of the most difficult take the shortest and the least difficult the longest. I haven’t yet been caught with bad research but I try to generalize the statements to make it less likely to backfire – I put the details in where I am sure. I am always sure of the general premise for I have lived it – with one exception that was my first attempt at fiction. I actually knew much of the detail in that fictional piece but even so the level of research necessary was orders of magnitude greater. It was about 3k words and took about 12 hours. A true story of that size would take about 5 hours.

    1. Hi Paul, glad you like H’s photo. He picked up a lot from my father when he was a kid.
      Yes, the research and the photos are the time-eaters but I’d have to say the bits I enjoy most about posting.
      Interesting how you found the fiction took longer than non-fiction. I don’t have much experience of writing fiction and you’ve made me think long and hard about getting into it!!!!

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