A Big Deal

Little things mean an awful lot to us puppy dogs. Well, going out for our morning walk in the Wood might seem mundane to you but to me, it’s bliss.

I was tickled pink to find that Jean had been playing around with some photos of our daily constitutional from today.

What do you reckon about this framed one?

Precious Time

There’s one that I especially love. It’s of our tree at the end of path – you can see the sea from there but we always say a little ‘hello’ to the tree as well.

Loving Arms
Loving Arms

Oh, the ‘big deal’ is that one of MY posts got longlisted for BestΒ DogΒ  Blog Post in the Irish Blog Awards. I’m all of a quiver about it. Jean seems awful cool about her blog being Longlisted in Best Something or Other Category but maybe that’ll change. You never really know what she’s thinking. Well, I have a fair idea but I don’t understand how she’s not all in a tizz about this. She says she wants me to go places in it and that that’s what’s imporant to her about it.

When all is said and done, so long as me and her can be together is what matters to me.

No Pup is an Island

‘Love conquers all.’ (Puppy Stan)



Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

34 thoughts on “A Big Deal”

  1. Whew, Jean’s success is, in part, a testament of how photogenic you are Puppy Stan. Mind you she would always be a winner – you just make her win sooner – teamwork Stan.

    The photos are awesome – Very, very attractive – both you and the photos Stan. As long as you don’t impersonate a bear again and scare fellow hikers (that was funny).

    You must be glad that Jean’s back is healing so you guys can hike again.

    Happy trails Stan! (and congrats Jean!)

    1. Hi Paul, it’s a HUGE relief that she’s getting better cos I was starting to do stuff like eat books and dig up the floor. Interesting in ways but they have consequences!
      Hope you’re well. Stan

        1. ‘Super fond’ is another whatever I’ll be adding to my writings.
          Nobody really rolls sround the floor with me in this house, though I always make sure I keep ’em on the ground if they’re scrambling around looking for something. Backs of ear rings are the most common. Jean never stops about ‘ the girl with the pearl ear ring,’ whoever the hell she is. I wonder would she be any good for rolling around on the floor or should I have a hol with you? Stanny.

  2. well done Stan on your wonderful posts and uber-congrats to Jean…I know that we love to wake up in the morning have brekkie and then read Jean (and your) posts….she’s up early this morning…and lots of energy to spare after a very early night to bed last night…so I’m hoping we do the long walk today down to the Headland…but clouds are dark and low…so we’ll see…enjoy yourself Stan…and hello to Jean:):)

  3. cliffsss…way down to the water…no I didn’t walk…it rained…but today the sun is out but I think they are going out to look at coffee tables at Tilba Tilba…shopping is not my thing so I will be on guard at home:):) and then I will put the pressure on them to take me for a walk when they get home…hope you are going good!!!

  4. Well Stan,I am sure you are thrilled to be on a long list…its all your own work of course, no need to be over modest about it at all. Congratulations to you both! I am sure you will do very well. And since you asked, I love the framed photo of you on the path! Happy walkies! Woof!

  5. What a lovely post, Jean. Wonderful photos, they make me smile.
    And saying a little hello to the tree with loving arms. Beautiful!

    I so agree with Puppy Stan.; Love conquers all.

    1. Hi Malin, so glad you liked it. (I was verrrrry disappointed not to be shortlisted but funny how you get over these things. Jean didn’t give a toss. She says she blogs for the fun of it. I think I’ll adopt that attitude from now on. Stanny xxx

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