Flying High in Co.Waterford

I don’t expect this post to mean much to many people ~ unless, of course, they are Waterford (Deise) people with a passion for hurling.

Hurling is a Gaelic game that’s arguably the fastest, most skilful game in the whole wide world. It’s played with a hurl made from ash and a small leather ball called a sliotar. There’s fifteen on each team and the games last for 70 minutes and are not for the faint-hearted either on or off the pitch.

The highlight of the hurling year is the All-Ireland Championship which is in full swing at the moment. Today, we had two quarter-finals: Waterford v Wexford and Galway v Clare.

Waterford were victorious and will take on the might of Co. Kilkenny in two weeks time. Kilkenny are recognised as the kings of hurling in Ireland but we live in hope that we will find a way to weave ourselves passed them and head into the All-Ireland Final and beyond.

After the match this afternoon, there was a lightness about the Co. Waterford that greeted me. Waterford colours are blue and white and these were the colours that were emblazoned everywhere I looked.

Through the Ancient Window
At Stradbally GAA Club
Deise Dance


Yes, I AM a proud Waterford woman and am beaming here as I write this!



Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

28 thoughts on “Flying High in Co.Waterford”

  1. Reblogged this on Perth Words… exploring possibilities. and commented:
    My only experience of hurling was near Carroll’s Cross, when I saw a team practising in a field.

    Left Field

    Lined up like the Waterford cows,
    metal bodies glitter in an Irish field.

    Black rubber circles squelching
    acres of reconstituted bovine cud.

    A Friesian audience has gathered
    to ruminate on two-legged animals

    with red and white coats, running
    and Hurling a stone to each other,

    between showers, near Carol’s Cross.

    Frances Macaulay Forde © 2003
    Long-listed in the Plough Prize 2007 Short Poems .

  2. Your enthusiasm is contagious Jean. Congratulations to the Waterford team and may they win the top honor.

    I’m into caber catching myself. 😀

  3. With spectators like yourself Waterford should reminds me of the fans of our Red Sox and New England Patriots, Celtics and the Boston Bruins…they never let their passion get too far away..Even if it’s been a bad year there’s always next year (season) to look forward to. These teams carry us through our seasons. Though I myself am not a sports fan can not help myself from getting caught up in the frenzy of it all especially if the become the top team..Good Luck to your team and celebrate this win and lift your mugs high for a job well done!

  4. Hi Jean,

    Thanks for sharing this with us, your readers. I learned something new today. Before this, the only context I had for hurling was the meaning of getting sick to one’s stomach. My eyes are opened.


  5. When my partner went to Ireland to run marathon, a friend of his brought him to a hurling tournament. He had so much fun that he became a fan!

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