Dogging About

Hi World,

It’s Puppy Stan here after what seems like an age. On the subject of age, we had a big day last Tuesday when my ‘brother,’ Harry turned  twenty-one. I was afraid he might change overnight but he’s still himself and still has lots of time for me!

Man and Dog!

Part of his birthday celebrations included going to a Bruce Springsteen concert in Dublin. I was the one that greeted him when he arrived home at some crazy hour. He was humming away to himself and hasn’t stopped since. I love when we have those ‘hello’ times in the middle of the night  dawning cos I get to hear all the news first.

This song has been buzzing around in my head since he came back from The Boss’ concert. (I had always thought Jean was the boss, but anyway, she kinda still is.)

Here’s hoping you have a sunny, sunny week. I’m planning on making it my business to finally start swimming. I hope I can screw up the courage to go into the blue, blue sea. If not, I’ll continue to play and pant at the beach with my Boss.

Glory Days


Talk soon,






Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

22 thoughts on “Dogging About”

  1. Hi Stanny , it’s Ruby here! My you look very handsome! Please say Happy 21st to Harry he looks handsome too ( well for a human anyway….and your Mum looks good too ) . I am busy helping my Human Dad repot a giant green thing that lives in the lounge! I don’t swim because I have been too busy working but who knows I may get the chance now ! Be happy Stan and have a good week too. xxxx

    1. Hi Ruby, thanks for writing. I don’t like the sound of giant green things but I suppose you might be able to get some shade under it so long as it doesn’t swish around.
      Love, S

  2. Good day puppy Stan! It looks like you have been busy waiting for your brother, helping your Mum at the beach and guarding her while she swims. I see they are very happy and smiling in the pictures because of your attention to their needs. You are deserving of the International Best Dog Award – I hope you have applied. 🙂 In closing I must say that you are looking particularly handsome in your pictures – who do you use for grooming and personal upkeep? I may just switch to them if i could get such a beautiful coat.

    Have a wonderful week puppy Stan.


    1. Hi Paul, I’m all of a dither after reading your comment. You’re too kind!
      By the way, I’m not sure I’d recommend a coat as thick as mine. It’s coming out in chunks at the moment. I’ll be bald if this continues and the whole house will look like a fluffy coal shed. S.

  3. Great pics of your Brother (Happy Belated Birthday) oh to be 21 again…and of Stan (he’s top dog) and yourself ..The Boss is one of my favorites too…I also love his band…It’s great to hear that your in the “Swim of things” again..

    1. Hi Joni, I think you should tame that down to the ‘dog-paddle of things.’ Tried to swim today but lost my nerve and sidled into a rock pool. It was lovely there. Stanny.

  4. Hey there, Stanny! Zeke, here.
    You’re right, it’s been an age indeed! I.tell you, if I had access to that blue, blue sea, you’d have a hard time of it getting me out! My first time in, I always forget to NOT drink it… ewww.
    A most happy 21st birthday to your brother and do please say hi to your Boss, Jean. It’s been too long for her, as well.
    Zeke (and my Boss, Dale)
    Great tune, by the way. We’re great fans as well.

    1. Hi Zeke, you’d have a whale of a time here with all the seas. The taste is a BIG problem. I never remember either.
      Hope you’re having fun walks with Dale. Cheers, Stan.

  5. Great to hear from you Stan, don’t you worry if you don’t like swimming. Winston doesn’t like swimming, he goes for a paddle after his ball but then walks like he’s wet himself until he’s back on dry land 🙂

    1. Hi CC, you should have seen him when he crept in home. He said it was one of the best things he’s ever been to and he’s a mad sports fan so that’s saying somrthing. Love Stan

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