If we were supposed to talk more than we listen, we would have two mouths and one ear.”

(Mark Twain)

All Ears!

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

23 thoughts on “Listen”

  1. Always grateful to see Mark Twain mentioned. He passed away on this day back in 1910, but lives on in the minds of many, including mine.
    Now Jean, I need to take issue here, as my mouth is very large, and both of my ears combined collect less sound waves than even an average fair-to-middlin’ ear of corn.

    1. Hi Van, I think our shared appreciation of Mark Twain is highly important, Van, and I didn’t know it was the anniversary of his death.
      As for your mouth and ears, I think you’ve managed to compensate very well. xx

  2. And..that baby lamb looks like it’s listening to its Momma….and that’s not Baaaaad! It’s amazing how much one learns when one listens….

      1. Ha! True dat. I get a common reaction whenever I see little ones of any species – a sort of upbeat hope for the future and a sense of blessing at the renewal of life. The innocence, the purity, the simple needs, the sheer beauty of babies never fails to move me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Sandy. Things are a bit topsy turvy of late but fingers crossed all will be well again in due course. Hope you’re keeping well. x

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