The Leg That Walks You




Hi Everyone,

It’s Puppy Stan here and all I can tell you is I’m breathing huge sighs of relief after what’s been a very stressful time since I last wrote.


I can hardly believe that I’m dogging up to this but I feel I have to get it off my chest. It’s a long  tail tale but I’ll keep it as short as I can cos it’s hard to even think about it. A dog, who shall remain nameless, attacked me for no reason at all or, at least, I thought we were just going to play. And when I say ‘attacked,’ I mean growling, biting, chewing, snapping, gnawing, pinning me to the ground …..

Jean was in the mix and grabbed me into her arms but the other dog had me by the leg and the tail and just wouldn’t let go. I don’t know how it happened but in all the schmozzle, I, yes Me, STAN, bit Jean in the leg and drew blood.

I was all battered and bruised and bleeding when we finally extricated ourselves from the other dog and was crying like a tiny puppy. I didn’t even know I’d bitten the person I love most in the whole world until we got to the vet and I heard her asking him about her leg. I was sooooooooooooooo ashamed; I don’t think I’ll ever be as ashamed about anything in my whole life again.

I ended up on a pile of meds and wasn’t allowed go walking for ages and the vet told Jean to keep a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry close eye on her leg and to go to the doctor about it if she had the slightest worry. Anyway, today was our first day back at the beach walking properly.


It was so blue and calm and lovely. I can’t really describe it but there was a sense of peace that everything is okay again that was beyond great.

You know that saying about ‘Never bite the hand that feeds you?’ Well, I want to create another saying: ‘NEVER BITE THE LEG THAT WALKS YOU.’ 

Hope you all listen well and do what I say and not what I did!

Have a happy, non-snappy week,

Love Stanny.

Happiness is …


Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

53 thoughts on “The Leg That Walks You”

  1. Oh, my, Puppy Stan–so glad you both are okay. Nothing scarier for the dog or his human than to be in the midst of that. I ended up in the ER with a bite wound to my finger and 6-inch bleeding scratches all over my chest. You could suggest Jean carry a spray bottle filled with water for emergency separations–the kind with a ‘water pistol’ narrow line spray, not like a plant mister. It is safer than hands or arms (or legs!) and sometimes it helps, depending on the aggression of the dogs. Some folks recommend to add vinegar to the water also as it is a greater deterrent due to the aversive smell and slight sting to the eyes. No wonder you a bit sad. 😦

  2. It wasn’t your fault, Stan. You were just fighting and biting at anything that was trying to grab onto you, and Jean’s leg got in the way. Which is why pet owners are told it’s really not a good idea to get in the middle of a dog fight, although I think I would have tried to protect you just like Jean did. I know if another dog went after Puppy Cody, I would do whatever was necessary to separate them. Glad you’re both feeling better.

    1. Puppy Cody is lucky to have you around. Oh, Jean says that she’s glad it was me not the other guy who ‘nipped’ her leg. I think it’s better too cos I’d have eaten him alive if I thought he’d hurt her.
      She was a bit silly to get involved but I don’t think I was going to be here to tell the tale if she hadn’t. It’s not easy being a dog or an owner sometimes but most times it’s brill.
      Love to Puppy Cody. Stanny.

  3. Oh Stannie, what a horrible experience for you both!! It is so hard to know what other doggies might do as they run up to you to say hello but I hope you and Jean recover very quickly. Tell Jean for me that I love the colour in the ocean of her ‘heaven’ picture. I have to say that I have had few bad experiences when walking except one day we were attacked by a doggie that wasn’t on the lead and the owner was ruder than the dog. She didnt even apologise. Mum had to intervene and pick me up and to protect me she turned her back quickly on the other dog. I felt awful as this dog kept jumping up and Mum was screaming at him/her to stop. All this took place in the space of a few seconds and the owner was no where in sight. Eventually she showed up and put her dog on the lead and walked away. Needless to say, we avoid that particular path now. I really hope that all the good things in your life push the memories of that horrible incident into the back of your mind. Take care. Love Dougal (aka Douggie Boy).

    1. Ah thanks Dougal.
      We’re back to normal again tho I’m a bit scared when I see any kind of a dog comin’ at me. My limp comes back and I sort of freeze. I presume that will pass. It better!
      Hope you’re having lots of fun walks. Stan

  4. Oh puppy Stan, that sounds so scary. I’m glad that you and your Mum are OK. There are dogs whose owners train them to fight, not something I have ever done and I don’t believe in it. That said, it is not always easy to tell if an approaching animal intends to be your friend or your enemy. That is sad in my mind, unfortunately it is true. I wish you and your Mum the very best and I am happy to hear that you are back walking again.

    1. Hi Paul, thanks for writing to me.
      You’re right: you just can’t tell about either dogs or humans what their intentions are. I think that dog could just have been having a bad day but I’ll be giving him a wide berth from now on just in case I’ve got things tangled up.

  5. Oh dear that must have been so traumatic for both of you. It happened to me once with my doggie and he ended up in the doggie hospital for a night and I felt so helpless and so sad. Hope you both have recovered well. Nice to see you back posting puppy Stan 😉

  6. Oh, how horrid for you both.

    I expect, Stan, you are mortified at having bitten Jean, but she knows you didn’t mean it and just did it out of fright and panic. I do hope it won’t destroy your confidence.

    My lovely Labrador was attacked by an Alsatian when she was a puppy, when it slipped its haltie. She nearly died. Now I can’t let her off the lead, in case there’s a muzzled dog running around, as she can’t tell the difference between a haltie and a muzzle, so goes on the defensive.

    At least you live in a less populated place, so there are probably not so many dogs rushing about.

    Love to you both x

    1. Hi Sarah, that sounds like a terrible attack on your pup. At least I’m two, even though you’d never think it from the way I carry on.
      As for confidence, I think I still owe Jean a few nuzzles to win back hers in me. I mean to bite her of all people but she says she’s glad it was her if it had to be anyone and that it was only a nip! I don’t believe the last bit but anyway we’re grand again.
      Love Stanny.

    1. I’m a bit of a softie, I think.
      I’d love to be able to say, with truth, as my Dad says in these kinds of situations: ‘You should see the other guy!’ I think the only mark I made was on Jean’s leg! Stan.

  7. Oh poor you Stan. Your Mum understands how scared you were with that nasty dog. You didn’t mean it, and that’s the most important thing.
    Of course, you must also be on best behavior and give her lots of luvvies.

    1. Hi Val, I’m working hard on the ‘luvvies’ as you call them. I call them nuzzles, gazes and heedings. Thanks for your understanding. P.S. I only noticed now that I’m in ‘underSTANding.’ Cool, eh??

    1. Thanks so much, Nancy. I’m doing great and I think I’ve gotten a bit stronger mentally after it. I’m giving the odd growl now just to let the world know not to mess with me! S.

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