Deafening Silence

Hi Everyone,

I’m wondering if I am alone in not receiving any emails on your posts.

I normally get lots of emails everyday notifying me about new posts from people I follow and then on a Monday I get my weekly fix.

But all has gone quiet and I want you to know that I’m not deliberately ignoring you. It’s that I’ve been completely thrown by this new silence.

I don’t use the Reader all that much as I’ve got used to the email approach.

Has anyone else been encountering similar issues and/or does anyone know how to resolve it?

Meanwhile, many thanks to those who have been reading and commenting on my offerings.

I’ve decided that silence isn’t always golden.

Look foward to hearing how I can resolve this or will it just right itself?

The real tide is still ebbing and flowing rhythmically here in Tramore!

Tramore Bay, Co. Waterford


Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

73 thoughts on “Deafening Silence”

    1. Many thanks George. This is a first for me and it seems strange that every single WP email re people I follow daily or weekly has vanished. Odd in a way that I am still getting emails re comments on my own posts. There’s a first for everything. (I wonder if that is universally true.)

  1. I use email notification, Jean, and this has been happening quite a bit. Word press has been droppiong followers from subscribed blogs with no warning. Insanity has been looking into it and did a post on March 22 It is a system bug in WordPress and they have promised to try and straighten it out. Meanwhile you can go to your sunbscription list and check which blogs have been unfollowed. You can check this by clicking on “reader” in the upper left corner of your screen and then when a menu appears,click on “Followed Sites, Manage” This will produce a full list of what sites you are currently following.

  2. Hey there Jean! I never use the reader as I’m subscribed to so many blogs (and I can’t keep up lately)… I feel like I’ve abandoned you but want you to know that I have not. I have abandoned pretty much everyone… including myself! I like to think I shall reorganise my time better in the near future… xoxo

    1. Dale, no need for apologies at all. I won’t be doing much keeping up if I don’t get emails back. Like you, I subscibe to a lot of blogs and the Reader seems endless. Also, far too easy to jusy hit like there wuthout reading posts in full. I need to know what I’m liking!!

    1. Thanks Val. I’ll try that and see if it rights itself. Odd that not one email is coming through on blogs I follow. Anyway , not insumountable. Hope you’re keeping well.

      1. Thanks Jean! All is well, although I am involved in putting together a yoga teacher training. It’s really getting the creative juices going, but has taken me away from blogging so much.
        p.s. Check your junk mail!

    1. Hi Arlene, thanks for writing. I think ny aversion to the Reader is that it reminds me of FB timeline and I love my Monday emails for my weekly ‘sit down’ to read favourite blogs as well as the daily updates. But, I may revert to Reader if all else fails.

    1. Ah thanks David. But I don’t think blogging can be a one- way street. We have only a couple of those in Tramore and I much prefer two-way streets even if there’s the odd jam!

  3. I too had this problem and on top of that many of my followed blogs were randomly unfollowed. The only solution I have gone is going into the Manage blogs option and then checking everything and choosing the email option all over again. I mainly read posts through reader and email and because I have less time of late I have chosen the weekly email option so I just read all of the posts in one go for a given person I follow. With some people i kept daily digest because I really like their blogs and they always write something fantastic. The only problem with this email option is that for those who choose to publish as a link to their blog, you get close to nothing on the email. You can notify blog admin that your settings keep getting changed if you are annoyed but I am afraid they don’t do much in fixing this bug.

  4. Hi Jean,

    I live in Benicia, California a smallish town (appx. population 30,000) about 45 minutes northeast of San Francisco across the Bay Bridge. I know you’ve been to San Francisco, so you have some idea where I live. My home is right on Southampton Bay which is on the Carquinez Straight. Like you, I love the sea. I grew up in New Jersey clear across the USA and every summer my Mother (a single mom) would take my sister and me to the seashore for 2 weeks. Every payday all year long she would save a few dollars stuffing them into a tobacco tin so that she could give us this treat.

    I do not do a blog. Wouldn’t know where to begin. Know very little about the computer except a tad of “Word” and a few other things. I wish I knew enough to send you a picture of the view from my patio on the waterfront. This is the first time I have left a reply and I really can’t help you with your problem today but I wanted to reply nonetheless. I initially became acquainted with your blog when a cousin back in NJ started sending me the occasional posting. I liked your postings so much that I signed on to receive them myself. Whenever I check my “Inbox” I search it in anticipation there will be something from “Social Bridges”. My favorites are of the sea, Mt. Congrerve, outings with son Harry and Puppy Stan of course. I also love reading about your parents and your photography is wonderful. I have a beautiful 13-year-old liver and white English Springer Spaniel (Nanette), so she is somewhat related to Stan. She is the sixth one I have owned and she’s a wonderful companion dog.

    Anyway, I have been reading and saving your posts for several years now and I just wanted to let you know how very much I enjoy them. They truly are “bridges” to many people and they bring me much happiness. I am 75, so you are bridging the years in my case. Please keep writing and exploring. When you shut down for a while some time back it was a real let down and I missed your writings so much.

    A faithful reader. . .

    1. Hello Jane,

      You have no idea how much joy this comment has brought me today.
      I am stunned that you have been following me from California ~ a place I love ~ and that I never knew.
      It’s a huge inspiration to know that my posts touch your heart.
      Do you have connections with Ireland?

      1. I did send you a reply the other day, Jean but perhaps you did not receive it as it did not post here but, then, I’m not sure how this all works. I am so pleased my comment brought you some joy. I do have connections with Ireland . . . some going back to the 1840’s and the most recent my grandfather Malone in 1885 came from Dublin. Some of the family names are McCormack, Dillon, Brady, O’Brien and Kennedy. Places I know of that ancestors came from are Derry, Roscommon, Meath and Dublin. So, as you can see, I am as Irish as Paddy’s pig!

  5. Hi Jean, I abandoned emails a long time ago and use the Reader instead but this has happened to me prior to that. Follow the advice above re going into Manage Blogs! Your picture is beautiful and speaks volumes!

    1. Hi Patsy, glad you like the photo. One of those stand out evenings.
      Interesting you went to Reader after this hiccup. I’ll see if I can sort it but may see you there.

  6. Hi Jean – I gave up on emails long ago as well, I found them too unreliable. I now stick mostly to the Reader.
    That is a very fine mood-enhancing picture.
    I haven’t been posting much recently – the golf club duties have been consuming much of my time of late.
    All the best, Robin

    1. Ah Robin, I never had a problem with the emails until now (apart from them going to my Spam box). But this is crazy getting none at all.
      Hope you enjoy Augusta and I hope Rory does the biz! That hole in one yesterday should put a pep in his step. Hope he hasn’t peaked too soon with it, though.

  7. A ubiquitous issue, Jean. I resign myself to it and use both email notifications as well as the Reader, as I can never be certain which is the least unreliable at any given time.

  8. I’ve been getting less email notifications lately, but I figured it was because people hadn’t been posting as much (myself included), but now you’ve got me wondering…

    1. Hi Jewels, sorry for the delayed response. I was thinking that blogging had gone out of fashion but it was the emails that gradually ground to a halt. Have sorted it out to some extent anyway. Hope you’re well.

  9. Hmmm, I was using Reader and switched to email last year. Now I’m thinking I should go back to Reader. I get your post in my email inbox regularly, Jean, but having read this I’m wondering if there are others that aren’t finding their way to me. I’ll have to check it out. Love your image of a calm and tranquil sea.

    1. I’m still trying to figure out the problem and am wondering about Reader as a best option. I might give it a go for a while and see how it goes.
      You must have changed for a reason?
      Glad you like the pic.

        1. I guess it’s all to do with not being able to resist following lots of blogs. We’re spoiled for choice and the only way to ever keep up properly would be to only follow a select few. I don’t think I could ever do that.

            1. Especially kids looking at those big jars of penny sweets that were such a treat on the way back to school. Gobstoppers, toffees, delightful forbidden frut!!

  10. Interesting problem – and I’m fascinated reading your followers’ comments. I use both: Reader and e-mail. I seem to be getting followers’ comments in e-mail as well as in my blog. I certainly hope so. And I try to visit as many blogs as possible from my Reader as well as e-mail notifications, but mostly I also make sure to check out the blogs of people who comment. :-0

    1. Hi Pam, it’s turned out to be an informative glitch for sure.
      Yes, I tend to veer towards those who comment as a highest priority but I also have a lot of blogs that I admire but don’t yet feel I ‘know’ the writer.

  11. Hey Jean… I use the email approach too, and mine flows like a gushing river! The only time it’s ever stopped coming was 3 times when it filled to capacity :-/ Hope yours can correct itself ๐Ÿ™‚ โ™ฅ โค

    1. Jackie, mine was like a gushing stream up ’til now and I just took it for granted. Seems like I’m not alone in hitting a dry patch. Fingers crossed I can sort something that will work.xx

  12. Hi Jean are you still having problems with the email ? I sent you a private email Saturday and now having read this I am worried you may not of received it . Have you you checked your junk/ spam box to see if all your mail has gone in there? That happened to me once. I don’t want to loose contact with you .<3 xxxx

  13. Hi Jean,
    You asked if I’ve ever been to Ireland. Yes, many years ago in 1969. I lived in London for 4 years and we drove to Swansea in our Ford Cortina with my two sons and my Mom who was visiting from New Jersey. We sailed to Cork on the Innisfallen, kissed the Blarney Stone, drove ’round the Ring of Kerry and up the west coast a bit, visited some beautiful lakes in Killarney and stayed in Galway for a while in a B & B where my oldest son celebrated his 4th birthday. We went to a most beautiful wide beach, Rossbehy, and my middle son took some of his first steps on that beach. We drove into Roscommon just for a quick look and then dropped my Mom at Shannon Airport for her flight home before returning to England. The trip was magical and Ireland was enchanting . . . just like your blog and photographs!

      1. …and mine too as I look back but I also remember the joy on his face. He’s an avid hiker and one summer he backpacked in the high Sierras from Mexico to Oregon. Now 48, he’s the father of a beautiful 3-year-old girl!

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