More Things That Baffle Me

I  wrote a while ago about things that baffle me and here’s a few more I feel I need to add to my list:

#1. How could any non-medic even consider watching a live streaming of an operation on someone’s insides?  (I heard a radio interview yesterday about the fact that we will soon have the opportunity to do this!)

#2. How is it possible that Donald Trump has gained such momentum since I last wrote?


#3. How can anybody be a litter lout rather than bringing their rubbish home?

#4. How is it that we can’t seem to get the message about the craziness of eating too much and not exercising enough?

#5. How is it that a relatively rich country like Ireland can’t sort out the horrific problem of homelessness that is getting worse by the day?

#6. How is it that poetry isn’t anything like as popular as music?

If YOU can help me to understand any of these matters, I’d be delighted to hear from you. 




Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

34 thoughts on “More Things That Baffle Me”

  1. I think people over in the USA are fed up with the status quo and are showing their anger by supporting someone who goes against it and says what is on his mind. Because of this we are flirting with danger as the candidate seems to have a quick anger to attack those who go against him. So many things can change between now and November when the two candidates will “duke it out”…I feel that we don’t really have great pickings except the one that I hope will pull out head of the two top contenders. He acts and looks like a future president, I just hope he can rally the American public. Good habits begin at home they are the examples that our parents (grand-parents) who set the standards ..People tend to overeat for many a reason, some are more active than others and it’s not until we cross that line of being overweight that our bodies start to rebel with numerous problems that we wake up and try to overcome our bad seems to me the only ones that make out are the diet programs. Homelessness is a world wide problem, we have long looked the other way and hoped that it would disappear..well it hasn’t so how can this be fixed …that’s the real problem. Some can’t work because of health problems, others are into drugs, some have fell on bad times..the reasons go on and on..Is there a quick fix …no . If too many get on welfare or the public assistance without anyway of getting off at a later date we create another monster. Everyone needs to have self esteem and if you are not pulling your own weight and rely on handouts so that it becomes a way of life ..and passes down through families this line of thought isn’t helping anyone. I think there’s a place for music and poetry..some just like the rhythm of the music that can create many moods..though poetry has its own beat also. I like music without words it sets the mood that the artist is trying to get across. Poetry makes the listener to be in “tune” with the words and be able to feel them..So this is my take on your questions ..whether it’s right or wrong is another question..

  2. If Hitler and his cronies could influence so many, it’s not so difficult for a ‘Trump -ed up’ idiot to do the same, unfortunately. But I still can’t understand how they both managed to do that. Propaganda, mass hypnosis? Beats me. As for homelessness in Ireland, I think it was 83 more families made homeless in Feb this year – shocking.

    1. Jean, it’s baffling alright about Hitler and I suppose that should be a lesson to us all.
      The homeless figures in Ireland are terrifyingly high and seem to be totally out of control.

  3. #1 No problem for me.
    #2 Psychopathic demagogues tend to do well in politics.
    #3 Ignorance, perhaps?
    #4 Ignorance, perhaps?
    #5 The homeless don’t vote and play the smoke ‘n mirrors property-owning game.
    #6 It’s more cerebral, less visceral, perhaps?

    1. Hariod, thanks for your responses. Would you really watch an operation live? I couldn’t bear it for a host of reasons.
      Looks like there’s a lot of educating to be done on a lot of key issues.

      1. Well, yes, I would, if there were some purpose to it. I did watch that live autopsy which was broadcast a few years ago, and which showed a human cadaver being stripped of its skin, and totally dissected. Actually, I just read Ian McEwan’s ‘Saturday’, which is about the life and work of a neurosurgeon. One of the things McEwan discovered in his 2 years of research – conducted often inside a neurosurgical theatre – was that during the course of an operation the body is covered and treated intentionally as if not there, with visual attention only able to be directed at the small cranial section being operated upon. So, I think an autopsy has far more potential to emotionally disturb the lay viewer, than any other surgical operation. It’s odd if we think about it, but many who would be squeamish at watching a highly controlled surgical operation wouldn’t think twice about chewing on a lamb’s kidney or a blend of pig’s penises, vaginas and ears – much of which constitute the everyday sausage. So, I think it’s about perception and conditioning more than anything, Jean.

  4. People haven’t learned enough since the Hitler days. A lot of folks in the U.S. like Trump because they were educated in the wrong way. Instead of just emphasizing reading, math, and such, true educators need to delve much more into holistic intelligence, compassion, non-competition, and integrity. A lot of people in the U.S. just accept brute force, winning, and crude domination as natural and to be admired; this is truly sad. There are a lot of good people here but there are a lot of Neanderthals too (just like anywhere else probably)!

    A healthy mind cares about exercising and eating correctly. An unhealthy mind doesn’t care about the body and eating correctly; it is a reflection of the body (and vice versa).

    1. Tom, you seem to have a very low opinion of the US educational system. From the outside, we Irish tend to see ouselves and be seen as ‘laid back.’ Maybe that’s a good thing in many ways though it’s not always perceived like that.
      Yes, the healthy mind/healthy body connection seems to be key.

      1. Not all schools in the U.S. are bad. I’ve been to (and worked at) excellent alternative schools that are very caring, cooperative-based, with beautiful alternative energy projects that are done by the children, along with plenty of animal husbandry and organic gardening projects, etc. The public schools here, however, crowd tons of kids in a classroom, give them mostly paperwork, and do not put much emphasis on caring, non-competition, compassion, and environmental closeness. They don’t help develop whole people; they develop fragmentary people (that end up going for crass, brutal people like Trump).

        1. That’s really interesting, George, about the different types of school in the US and the extent to which they diverge in terms of approach. I’m not sure there is quite such diversity here but there is a fair bit.

      1. Here’s a new one. Why do photo printing services still print photos sizes that don’t correspond with the shape of digital photos? I haven’t been able to print a good photo in several years!!!

          1. I don’t think so. it’s some kind of weird disconnect. Of course, hubby thinks I need to follow the money. He always thinks it’s money behind this kind of stuff.

  5. HI Jean

    Wow…good questions…I think there are some positives out of what you are questioning as well:)
    1- You are questioning what is happening in the world
    2- Others are also questioning
    3- So good that there are some people not just aceepting or tuning out.
    4- You have started a conversation and who knows where it might end.

    So long as there are people like yourself in the world all is not lost…a revolutiion starts with one…and not all revolutions have to be about killing bodies and minds…

    I went to Canberra yesterday and enjoyed a 4 klm walk followed by ymmy lunch which was part of an event to celebrate the ten or so octagenarians that were still taking an active part in the bushwalking club, and are often leading our hardest walks….what a wonderful day. It was decided at the celebration that we would do the same thing in two years time:):)

    Have a good one

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