High Taling

Sense and Sensibility

Puppy Stan Here!

Hi Everyone,

My very favourite time of day is my walk in the woods with Jean early in the morning. We’re together but we kinda do our own thing. I mean she’s not sniffing around in the grass or chasing birds ~ at least not usually! Yesterday, I thought she had turned into me when we saw a duck ~ yes a duck ~ walking along the path on the way to the wood.

She told me not to bark or even think about jumping out of the car but next thing I see her walking right up to the duck and then doing a sort of  little hunker down to take this photo of it:

Look at those legs!

I thought I’d burst watching this whole performance but I’m slowly learning that patience pays off and that I can’t ALWAYS have what I want. That’s an awful hard lesson and I was thrilled when I saw the duck flying off with its friend who I could see hiding in the ditch.

The wood was all shiny and shadowy. I can’t explain very well but this photo might help you understand what I mean:

Skipping Rope of Trees

You know the way Jean is always going on about bridges, well I take every chance I can to  cross over the little wooden bridges out in Newtown. See, I know she’ll want to take photos  and I hope that she won’t notice if I sneak off to have a sniff around or even make for the fields that lead off from the top path.  I don’t understand but she always seems to have me in her sights even if her eye is stuck right up against the camera and it’s like she has a hold over me without even seeing what I’m at ….. could she be able to see me when she’s not looking at me ~ that’s hitting me now and throws a whole new light on the meaning of bridges and connections that she’s obsessed with:

Caught in the Act!

You wouldn’t believe how much the wood changes from one day to the next. I mean, these leaves appeared out of nowhere. They look like umbrellas to me but then I’m under them:

The Magic Umbrellas

What’s different about Newtown and all the other woods we go to is that the sea is waiting at the bottom of Newtown and you never know what it’s going to be like. Don’t tell anyone but I’m a bit afraid when the waves are big and bubbly but you’d have to admire them all the same ~ from a distance:

Our Sea

We always stand together and watch the waves even if Jean is in a mad rush and she always says ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ to the sea like it’s a very old friend. I might start to do that in my own way too one of these days.

One More Last Sniff

You know, I think I’ve a fair chance of getting Jean to start sniffing around like I do. I wish she would cos she can’t possibly know how much she’s missing.

Can anyone tell me how people can complain about ‘having to go for a walk?’ It’s my idea of heaven, happiness, healthiness and USness all thrown into one. How can there be a problem with that?

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

14 thoughts on “High Taling”

  1. Hi Stan!

    It sounds like you and Jean really enjoy each other’s company on your morning walks. Be sure that you are a good pup and obey her commands because she can see danger better than you can. But you can smell danger far better than she can so you have to make sure you take care of her too. It would be fun if Jean could smell what you smelled and then she would know how amazing the world smelled. The thing is though Stan is that we all have different strengths and it teaches us to depend on each other. One of your strengths is your superb sense of smell. You have 300 million nose sensors and we humans only have 6 million, Your brain allots 40 times more processing power to smells than humans’ brains do. All together you can smell 10,000 to 100,000 times better than Jean can. If that were compared to eyesight, it would mean that what she sees clearly at 1/3 mile, you could see clearly at 3,000 miles – an incredible difference. There are some good dogs like you who can smell out cancer in humans and help doctors find and treat the disease. Your colleagues are used to protect countries’ borders against the smuggling of explosives, dangerous food, money , drugs and many other things. There are also pups who work in disaster zones smelling out survivors and saving lives. Anyway, it is great to hear about your morning walks and see pictures of where you have sniffed Stan. Thank you so much for sharing that with us, although sadly we will never be able to rejoice in the smells of the morning like you can. Please write again soonest Stan, we love hearing from you.

    1. Jeepers Paul, you’ve really got me thinking about the power of dogs. It must be great to be one of those dogs that saves lives and things.
      I never, ever knew that I could smell that much better than humans. It must be very odd to be human!
      I’ll try my best to obey Jean’s commands but you know yourself how hard it is to be good allllllll the time. At least, I presume you know.
      Thanks for all the info. I suppose I should have been able to sniff it out myself.

      1. Indeed you and your colleagues are very special Stan. And it’s hard to Google with paws… Although Jean could google for you. 🙂

  2. Hi Stan..It’s nice to hear your account of the jaunts that Jean takes both of you on..I can see why she called the first pic “Sense & Sensibility”…as others show you sniffing the different things that call to you. I think Jean should have a Herb garden so she can also experience the scent of different plants too…this way she will know why you’re always at it. The pictures are great ..so many places to explore and enjoy..I can’t say which is my favorite (they all are especially ones with you in them)…So glad you told us about your latest trip…I will try to remember to stop and smell the different scents in my yard..it’s Spring and everything is blooming…

    1. Hi Joni, be sure you stop and smell all the flowers and things that are out now.
      Jean has some HUGE big pots with herbs in them. She says that pots are the only thing when you have a digging puppy on the rampage. (I think she means me!).
      Lots of love, Stanny

  3. Stan,
    I think if you start talking to the sea like Jean does you might find yourself with some extra treats and trips in your future. Psssst…..don’t tell her I told you..:)

    1. George, that’s a great idea. Thanks for your advice. I wonder would a bark or a mad wag of my tail be the best thing. I’ll give both a whirl and see what happens. Of course, this is just between you and me. S

    1. Andrea, now that’s something I never thought of but then no one ever called me a sweetie before either. I like that word, Would you believe there wasn’t one square of choc in this house over Easter. I know it’s bad for everyone but they really took that a bit too seriously I think.
      If you ever come to Ireland, I’ll take you to the woods and the sea and you can tell me all about sweeties. Sxxx

  4. Hi Stan,
    You are such a handsome boy, and I really enjoyed reading about your adventures with Jean. She did a terrific job with the photos, too, and I especially love the duck! My husband and I take our canine, Copper the Chocolate Lab, for similar hikes, and we love trees, bridges, leaves, flowers, and the ocean, too. There is so much beauty to discover and appreciate right in front of our noses (no pun intended), if we only take the time. You have inspired me to nudge Copper into doing a post comparable to yours; hope you don’t mind if we run with your idea. 🙂

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