Gate of Life


I’ve been passing this gate almost everyday for years now and I’ve come to love it more and more as it has gradually  peeled back its coats.

I can just imagine some people wanting to spruce it up for spring but I delight in seeing its rainbow of colours all melting into each other and revealing  the colourful hands of history.

I’m like this with people too. I want to see the reality that lies behind the make-up; the eyes behind the dark glasses; the joys, fears, loves, losses, passions, hopes … that are so often glossed over with a maskish smile.

The other thing about this gate that always makes me slow down is its design. It’s certainly not a gate to keep small children in or out. It’s more like a toy aimed at stretching a child’s imagination. I find myself looking around for all sorts of shapes that can be posted in through those angled boxes.

Or how about sitting on the gate on Summer evenings reading a warm paperback while horses whinny in the fields nearby. I’ve no doubt that children have sat on this gate over the years and waved at carloads of sun lovers who have spent their day at the beach that’s just down the road.

Yes, it’s a gate with a past and lots and lots of stories to tell ~ just like every single older person in this crazy world of ours.




Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

35 thoughts on “Gate of Life”

  1. It’s an interesting gate with its diamond shapes..and rails to climb up on..the rainbow colors are interesting to look at. As the paint peels , it makes you wonder what the owner was like , as the colors reflect abit of his or her personality. It is welcoming unlike some other gates that close the world out…very pretty.

  2. Beautiful paint peeling off its own history. Yes people shouldn’t wear mask and let themselves be true to themselves unless they are truly nasty. People will see they have a lot in common with others when those masks begin to fall.

  3. How right you are and the older we are the more colourful the layers as they are revealed.
    Amazing to see a country gate with such lively colours.

    1. Hi Tric, the layers undoubtedly get more colourful as people age but I often think that those colours are too easily overlooked, especially in very old people who have no family around them.

  4. I also love Wrought Iron gates/fence ..down in the South they are predominate..and beautiful works of art…

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