This was Yesterday!

Yesterday was some kind of a strange day here in Ireland and Jean was all over the place in every kind of way. She was up verrrrrrrrrrrrrry early, even before I was awake, and said we had to go out and get a sense of Ireland.

I was all for it but was a bit taken aback when she whizzed down Main Street and jumped out of the car and made for the pub that she always calls her very favourite in Tramore:

Croke’s , Market Street, Tramore

For a terrible minute, I thought she was going to head in there and leave me in the car for the day and maybe all night. But, thankfully, it wasn’t open ~ I don’t think anywhere was open at this stage.

Well, the beach was open and it felt great to be able to play ball and have the whole place to ourselves:

Ah Yes!

Instead of going home, we went on out the coast road and she juddered to a stop again when she saw that the daffodils were all yellowy on the road to Annestown. Must say, I like them too:


Next, she’s out in Bonmahon and pulling towels and stuff out of the back seat. I can’t believe my eyes when I see her taking off her clothes and dashing into the sea that looked like a big roll of tin foil. I was certain I’d never see her again and just stood in a tizzy blinded by the glare.

Where is She?

She’d written something on the sand before she went in but I couldn’t read it:

What on Earth is This?

I got her home eventually and she said that she’d have to take a photo of me trying to have  snooze after all that roller-coastering.

Don’t Look!

I don’t know if I was dreaming or not but it seemed like there was music and horns and stuff making an awful racket when I was sleeping in the sun under the kitchen table. I haven’t a clue what that was about. But when we went out again, I did notice a lot of people wearing HUGE green hats and it seemed like lots of them had grown plants on their jackets.

Yes, we went out again and this time my Dada was with us. He’s as terrified as cliffs as I am and the pair of us cuddled up when she disappeared all excited trying to ‘catch the sun’ out on the Copper Coast. This is what it looked like to me ~ a massive big ball rolling right at me:

Bloody Hell!

She came back after ages and ages and ages and this is what she showed us:

See that Cliff?

I needed to get all this off my chest ‘cos I’m afraid I might be going to have a few nightmares. I’m all sleepy now and hoping that tomorrow will be more like normal.

Here’s what I’m going to try and dream about:

My Heaven!

Happy Dreams,

Love Stanny.

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

37 thoughts on “This was Yesterday!”

  1. Stan you are so lucky to have a Mom and Dad who can take you for runs on the beach and take you for drives to visit new and exciting places were the smells are all so delicious. They give you the best munchies and treats and make sure you stay healthy by visiting your vet. Every now and then they will do some odd things but I am sure that some of the things you do they see as odd.

    1. Hi Paul, I know I’m a lucky guy.
      You can be sure they think I do crazy things. Even I think they’re crazy when I have a think about them. Eating slippers is a bit cracked cos they stick in your throat and teeth and everywhere bur they’re irresistible. Have a chew and see what you think.

  2. Hey Stanny, Well my ‘yesterday’ was very orderly compared to yours. She gave me a special treat and then left me at home in peace while they went out to the plant nursery about 100 klms away. I slept and then ate my treat and before I knew it they were back home with lots of plants that now need to be put in the garden. I particularly like the big Grevilleas as they give me lots of cover when I want to dig around my favourite garden bed…so lots of fun coming my way next spring…meanwhile she is working on the computer today and I heard her muttering about doing a blog post and getting back to the novel soon…won’t be peaceful after that I can tell you, she talks to herself all the time then…but its lunchtime now and they both love their coffee…so do I…they are much more betterer and more peaceful when they are all caffeined up. Hey Stanny I have to tell you that she looked at the photos and told him how much she loved them:):) and how much she loves Ireland…did I mention before that they were both wearing green t shirts and she told him about her bright green earings….don’t know if there was a reason for that. I hope your nap was a good one.

    1. Dougal, great to hear from you.
      Did you say you slept BEFORE the treat and that you like coffee. Surely you meant toffee?
      I hope I never have to wear ear rings. Imagine sticking them into your ears. Ouch!
      Have a snoozy day! S.

      1. yup I know…I have developed some strange habits and yup I love the smell of coffee…don’t go in for toffee though after I managed to slink a brightly wrapped toffee sweet she dropped and I picked up before her…must say I wasnt happy that day…yup who would want to have holes poked in their ears its bad enough when she baths me and washes my ears….have a great one:):) Love Douggie

  3. Stanny, you’re a darling. I love the world through your eyes. Can I talk to Jean a minute? Jean, hubby and I are really planning to travel to Ireland this summer. We want to bring daughter and maybe her boyfriend, too. I might have questions for you, especially because of our gluten free needs! One of the main things I want to know is the availability of gluten free foods to buy in a store. For instance, if we are traveling somewhere and can’t find a restaurant that has gluten free, I want to figure out if we can stop at a food market and buy food for hubby to eat. In the states, many of our food labels now state if one of the major food allergens is in the food: milk, wheat, soy, etc. Do you have that in Ireland?

  4. This area that you live in is just gorgeous. I know I keep saying it but pictures never do a place justice so I can only imagine what it looks like in person.

      1. We live in the suburbs about 45 minutes from NYC and an hour or two from the beaches. But to enjoy a rocky coastline we go to Maine, which I love.

        1. Jeepers, I don’t think I could hack that. I need the beach and I think it needs me.
          I heard Jean talking about Maine once (I thought it was horse talk) but now it makes sense. She said she’d LOVE to go there. I wonder could I go too. Sounds awful far away.
          Hope you have nice wavey, rocky dreams. Stanny.

    1. Hi Val, it was a strange one alright. Not so funny when that big ball in the sky seemed like it was going to bounce on my little head. I think I need to grow a very thick coat fast. S.

  5. You traveled to wonderful places Stan even if it was a dream you had, it certainly wasn’t a nightmare..I can see where you would need a rest after all that “hub-bub”..The pictures of yourself are so nice and the daffodils look like soldiers standing at attention…Who can blame Jean for wanting to dive into that glorious Silver surf…I think you all had a fine day that lasted into the evening…

    1. Hi Joni, silver surf is one way to put it. I’d just prefer if she’d stick to the rock pools like I do. Then she wouldn’t vanish on me.
      She says I have separation anxiety whatevet that is. I hope it doesn’t mean I have to go into the silver surf.
      Love Stan

    1. Hariod, are you sure? I kinda know what ‘Stanny’ looks like written down and I don’t see it here. Could she have been writing in some other language?
      I hope you’re right, by the way. Maybe, I shouldn’t be should a doubting dog.

          1. I’d love to be meet a Border Collie. Doggerel isn’t like dogma, is it? I kinda zone out when dogma starts but I suppose zoning out isn’t the worst thing I could be doing.

  6. Okay, I’m going to embarrass myself, but Stanny, I LOVE YOU!!
    And your Jean is pretty amazing too. Her photos are too beautiful for words.
    But you know that….

    1. WOW, it’s a good thing I’m jet black cos I’m blushing.
      Is this the start of a secret affair? I heard about those on the radio which was on when J thought I was asleep.

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