General Election Reflections …

I’ve spent most of today listening to the General Election Results unfolding on the Irish airwaves and have been going through a whole gamut of emotions.

Counting is still going on and it will be at least tomorrow night, if not Monday or Tuesday before we know the full result.

However, it is clear, at this stage, that we have ditched the existing Government. There is a definite sense of burning bridges about this. I took a breather from listening when I got to the burning bridges feeling and went down and sat in front of the fire. The flames looked fierce but beautiful:

Burning Bright
Burning Bright

It’s surprising how much an image can change one’s view of situations and this one certainly changed mine. Yes, there may be the darkness of uncertainty but there is the beauty of new possibilities.

We are entering the unknown in political terms in Ireland but there are many options available, even if none of them seems particularly perfect right now.

The whole scenario made me think of a jogger I encountered out on the Coastal Path in Dunmore East recently. He was racing along on a muddy path, taking corners at high speed.

Rounding the Next Bend
Rounding the Next Bend

No he didn’t run over the cliff; he rounded the bend with a bit of a skid and bounded happily onwards.

Our politicians have to trust the path and their balance at this point and move ahead with the country’s interests close to their hearts.

I’m glad to say that I, for one, have faith in them as a collective. I think that each and every one of them cares about the country even if they have different policies that they want to pursue.

Yes, it’s exciting times and I must say I’m glad that this is Ireland I’m in and not a place where there’s terrible unrest or a busy billionaire sweeping up votes like it they were confetti.

Clearly, to be continued …..





Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

16 thoughts on “General Election Reflections …”

  1. Hmmm, interesting. I know that Ireland has had a challenging political past, so I can understand (intellectually) your concern. Here in Canada we talk politics but don’t worry too much who gets in – inevitably they have good and bad points and many assume the mantle of power once they are elected.

    Ha! Your runner analogy brought back a memory from my 20’s – quite funny actually. I was driving a tractor-trailer over night delivering bread products to distribution terminals where the delivery trucks would take it to the stores in the morning. We travelled a lot of miles over night – about 500 miles and had about 5 or 6 drops., it was a 13 or 14 hour shift if all went well. My Dad had just met and married his second wife (she was a sweetheart ) and she came with a son about my age -Donny – He was between jobs and asked to go with me to learn how to drive a transport. I checked with the boss and he was fine with that, so we set out, A lot of the terminals were old service stations that the company had bought and renovated. None had a dock for level unloading so there was a ramp at each location that hooked onto the back of the truck and lead down to floor level. To make them so they could be handled by one driver, the ramps were quite light and flexible – made of aluminum and angle iron. That meant that as the driver took the stack of bread down the ramp it would twist and flex and it was necessary to have a certain style to arrive at the bottom in one piece. The bread was 10 loaves per tray and the trays were stacked on each other 14 high – standing about 9 feet tall. We used a two wheel cart with high steel bars, and slipped it under the stack, tilted it back until you reached an equilibrium where it balanced at about a 45 degree angle on the two wheels.Then you grasped it just so and headed down the ramp – no stoppin and no holding on – if it started to tilt forward, you let it go and jumped so that it didn’t kick back and break your ankles..

    Anyway, I showed Donny the technique and coached him. He was determined to get it and modified his technique so he felt comfortable. Each time I watched him go down a ramp, he wobbled and tilted back and forth so bad that i was sure he was going to crash. This was driving me nuts but he was determined. We were half way through the night and at about 2 am i couldn’t take it any longer;

    ” Jesus Christ Donny your making me a mess – I am so sure you are going to crash. Look you have to change what you are doing.”

    “I’m not changing – I feel comfortable this way.'”

    “Well look I’m going crazy watching you.”

    “That’s your problem – i haven’t dropped one stack or damaged one loaf of bread and we’ve unloaded about 7,000 loaves so far. If looking at me drives you crazy then look the other way because I’m not changing, I feel comfortable this way.”

    And sure enough he was right – and we went through the night without any damage or incidents.

    Sometimes politicians are like that. 😀

  2. On the U.S. news they are saying that Trump, according to the views of evangelical folks, is more popular and more well liked than the Pope.
    Nothing like saying you’re religious and then going for someone who propagates hate, separation, and divisiveness.
    Your article is touching, but one is (especially here in the insane U.S.) rather disillusioned; i think i’ll stick with the sagacious E.E.C. on this one; here is one of his poems:

    a politician is an arse upon
    which everyone has sat except a man

    1. Tom, I can’t even begin to imagine how I’d be if I was an American watching DT winning all round him.
      Our situation is in a different realm to that, as I see it anyway.
      Love the E.E. C poem all the same.
      Thanks for sharing it.

  3. I saw on the news here that a poll of US voters showed that the majority’s reaction to a Trump presidency was that they would be SCARED. Which made me hopeful we are not collectively stupid enough to elect an obnoxious man, who believes in dividing us, and espousing hate. It is incredible to me that his candidacy is even serious, but sadly it is.

    I wish we were more like Ireland. I do think we have some people running who do care about our country in their own way. Our stupid political system requires so much money to get elected, that it fosters creepy haters like Trump. Let’s hope the Universe can right things, and send him back under the rock from which he came. His election would reverberate around the world, not it a good way at all.

    Big hugs Jean. It must be nice to feel hopeful after an election!

    1. Yeah, the money required in the US seems outrageous. It certainly can’t be good for democracy.
      It would be good for you to have a woman President. We’ve had two in Ireland and were like a breath of fresh air.
      Hope your Sunday is going well.

      1. I am hoping for a first woman President in the US too! WAY too much money is spent by the rich and WAY too much time is wasted on the process. Are we so stupid that it takes us months to decide? I hope not.

  4. I so disagree that your average party politician has the country’s interests at heart Jean. They will say and do what’s needed to gain or retain power within the election cycle. But better to have that discussion over a beer and next to a log fire in an Irish bar maybe 🙂

  5. And continue it will for some weeks yet! I wish we had more of a choice in Ireland beyond Civil War politics. Perhaps this is the beginning of a change towards left/ right choices, and everything in between! It’s the second time that Irish voters have used their votes to deliver a stern message to politicians; I wonder will all parties now take us seriously!

    1. It’s hard to know where it’s all going to end but the way things appear to be shaping up leads to to believe that not much will change this time either. But, let’s live in hope!!

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