Warmth ~ A Preview of Summer

It usually happens around this time of year in Ireland and it happened to me yesterday out on the Cliff Walk in Dunmore East.

Cliffs at Dunmore East, Co. Waterford
Cliffs at Dunmore East, Co. Waterford

There I was listening to the gulls and mesmerised by the pastel shades all around me when I felt a deep glow of heat on my back. I call it the hug of the sun and it reminds me that Summer is on her way.

Once you get this feeling, everything starts to fall into place and yesterday there were signs of Summer all around me.

Joggers in T-shirts and shorts chatting and laughing as they ran like free birds:

Happy Joggers
Happy Joggers

The deep blue sea and the sight of Hook Head Lighthouse basking in the sun:

Hook Head Lighthouse, Co. Wexford

And down below me, a colourful fishing boat dancing along towards Dunmore East Harbour:

Primary Colours

I’m not saying for one moment that I want Summer to hurry along. Spring has far too much to offer us yet but these little glimpses of Summer are what make ‘pet’ days so magical.



Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

39 thoughts on “Warmth ~ A Preview of Summer”

  1. Hello
    Love the pHotos Jean and the birds free-wheeling above us…freedom…stuff of dreams!!! We have had our first cool day here when I wore a jumper as I sat and worked on the exegesis. I know there will be more warm weather but somehow, Autumn, my favourite time of the year, has made its presence felt. AJW, the other third of this team, Dougal being the leader, is checking out the long-range weather for Cradle Mountain. We are expecting rain and temps like 15 or 16 degrees C. So, over breakfast this morning we discussed the wonderful foggy-rainy weather we can photograph…there is nothing like a lake (Dove Lake) in the early morning mists. Saw a great program on tv last night about Loch Lomond…and I was so moved by the photography…I might get the paints out later today:):) Unfortunately I won’t have connectivity when I am away but I will be posting lots of photos when I return home:)

  2. Spring is one of my favorite seasons as it reminds me of new beginnings. The thrill of seeing the flower heads burst open revealing their exquisite colors and scents. The pretty green of the grass and the chirping of the birds …Summer has her appeal also..lazy warm days sitting on the porch with your favorite beverage rocking or gliding catching cool breezes ..the sounds of people outdoors enjoying themselves. Fall is another favorite season with its foliage in all colors that we’re lucky to have here in New England. The scent of leaves drying or a fire in a fireplace to chase away the chills…Indian Summer days and cool nights..Winter has its own beauty too but I tire of the abundant snowfalls and the cold weather …but I know Spring is just around the corner…I love all your pictures…especially the colorful fishing boat with the days catch…

  3. I wonder at times if the names of places in all villages, towns, cities, states, nations, countries, sound as different and intriguing to others as they do to me. “Dunmore East.” I cannot think of a name even similar to that here, though we will have Memphis and West Memphis.

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