A Waterford City Sunday

Walking along the Quay in Waterford City ~ the oldest city in Ireland ~ is one of my favourite things to do early on a Sunday morning.

The River Suir is nearing its long  journey to the sea by the time it reaches Waterford and today I started further down the Estuary on my way to Waterford. The sun was just about getting up and all was still:

Sleepy Waters
Sleepy Waters

The Suir was all agleam when I got to Waterford and, as always, my eyes were drawn to Rice Bridge which holds such significance for me in terms of ‘coming home’ to Tramore, especially from Dublin.

Rice Bridge, Waterford City
Rice Bridge, Waterford City

The skyline of the City, taken in the morning light, evokes a real sense of the immensity of the  history of Waterford, spanning back the centuries.

Historical Waterford City
Historical Waterford City

When Waterford blood runs through your veins, it’s always glorious to see this blue and white banner!

Waterford Colours
Waterford Colours

The names of the boats moored along the Quay are one of my fascinations. Today, it was Agile that got me reflecting.


Clearly, boats need agility to cope with the vagaries of the sea. But, humans need an immense amount of both physical and mental agility to navigate their way through life.




Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

27 thoughts on “A Waterford City Sunday”

    1. You’re more than welcome. It’s generally very peaceful early on Sunday mornings, though the river was very calm today, given the recent bad weather. It was bliss just to be there!

  1. Love the photos of Waterford accity I have visited and I love your photo drinking a cuppa!
    As to the boats remember The finest vessel on the sea of life is the Friendship. ❤

  2. There’s something special about towns, cities which boast a waterway, a harbor with the boats tied up and the air is filled with the scent of the sea, seagulls squaking, or just sitting on a fixture be it a port, or a rock or something else. The quietness just before the day gets started…Beautiful pics.

  3. Great photos and they look so clear with your background. I travel to Waterford a couple of times a year, sometimes only to see a swimming pool, but I’ve always thought it a beautiful place. Hope you’re enjoying your new theme.

  4. Sleepy waters is such a magnificent photo! I keep going back to look at it! I like the ‘feel’ of your blogsite after the tweaking. Have just read a post on another site about losing children, so yours was the perfect ‘next’ for me this Monday afternoon! Thank you !

    1. You’re more than welcome, SV. The view was divine.
      Glad you like the ‘feel’ of the new look. I’m still trying to get used to it but it’s growing on me. Glad I tortured myself into doing it.

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