Twenty Sixteen Theme Change Chattering

The process of trying to change my WP Theme is more than just a technical matter ~ though there are plenty of technical matters still outstanding.

Hopeful Thorns
Hopeful Thorns

Ever since I clicked ‘Activate’ on the Twenty Sixteen theme, there’s been babble of chit-chat buzzing away in my head.

“You’re not marrying Twenty Sixteen. It’s only a blog for heaven’s sake.

” I know, I know but it means more to you than you realised. In fact, it means a helluva lot more to you than you realised.”

How come you never cared about appearance before and now you’re obsessed with it? “

No one cares half as much as you do about Social Bridge and, anyway, what kind of a name is that for anything?”

Go on tell them that the rainbow photo represents a whole wadge of things to you: a bridge; a bridge over Co. Waterford; a symbol of hope; memories of your mother and how she’d quote Christy Brown’s ‘And there are rainbows…’ when you needed a lift;  hearts of gold; nature’s magic; carpe diem …”

Do you realise that you’ve changed an awful lot since you started writing the blog? I mean, look at the way you described yourself  back then~ all academic ?  Do you really think that you’re like that? “

Aren’t you lucky that you can’t sort out the homepage ‘cos you’re uncertain about how to describe the blog now, aren’t you?”

It’s far more about Co. Waterford than you ever admitted and you are so damned proud of every inch of that county.”

A New Dawn over Tramore Bay, Co. Waterford
A New Dawn over Tramore Bay, Co. Waterford

And you have got even more concerned about end-of-life issues than you you were when you started the blog and that’s really saying something.”

The you that’s writing the blog is YOU ~ you know, the person who is a whole mish-mash of things ~ Irish, Waterfordian, Wife, Mother, Sister,  Middle-Aged, Grown-Up Orphan,  Sociologist, Social Researcher, Social Policy Analyst,  Unemployed, Sea Baby, Dog Lover, Sportswoman,  Poetry Person, Romantic, Cynical, Nostalgic, Angry, Creative, Driven, Worrier, Tenacious, Caring …..” 

How the hell do other people know about CSS and code and you don’t? But, remember nobody knows everything. Just lighten up and remember that old saying: And so the wonder grew that one small head could carry all he knew.” 

Isn’t it gas that it was AOL that was down this morning and giving the error message and not your blog?”

And isn’t it even more gas that the stats said that you had one visitor who was from 59 countries. That’s what you get for choosing Twenty Sixteen. Maybe it was an astronaut circling the earth.”

” Now make sure you ask if ANYONE knows ANYONE who has managed to get the optional sidebar working on Twenty Sixteen AND if there is ANY whizz-kid out there who knows how to sort out the home page/front page thingy.”






Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

59 thoughts on “Twenty Sixteen Theme Change Chattering”

  1. You can learn CSS on line or simply ask for help from wordpress and yes you can do more with the cascading style sheet. Much more. If people didn’t care about social bridge they would not be liking or commmenting. I like the rainbow explanation. Technical parts are frustrating at first but when you get it or play around with it a bit it all seems so passe. Breathe in breathe out baby steps and you’ll get there. Be well my friend.

        1. Oh thanks, I’ll give that a try.
          I’d say the WP people will sort me out eventually and I need to do some test runs with stuff I’ve picked up from reading WP books etc.

            1. Well, I’m delighted to tell you that I’ve managed to get my menu up now. I’ll be amending it but, at least, it’s there and I know how I got it there! Thanks for all your encouragement.

  2. Oh, I loved your self-banter! Tells us sooo much about you (stuff we love, by the way)
    I’ve no friggen clue what CSS is and when I get something to work, I do a happy dance but don’t ask me what it was I did!
    I imagine that as you fiddle, you shall fix… and eventually someone who knows this stuff will help you out!
    Best of luck with that! Hugs in support.

  3. I used to use WordPress for all my blogs because as a writer, I liked the name, and then things started to get more difficult, and their themes were less creative than, and I could not put ad links to books on Amazon, etc., so I moved over to blogger. Back then, I could have helped you with your problems with it, but I have not kept up on the CSS editing because I prefer the ease of drag and drop that I get from blogger. I hate it when the technology won’t do what you want it to. Did you already search their instructions for how to do it? Search google with your question, and you’ll get those who know giving step by step instructions sometimes.

    1. Thanks Sandy. I’ve checked up as much as I can and am in communication with WP Forum people so hopefully I’ll crack it. Have decided to test things on a test blog and see how they work. Could take a bit of time but, no doubt, I’ll learn by trying.
      That’s interesting that you switched to Blogger. I don’t think I’ll give up on WP for now, anyway.

  4. I’m not a technical sort of person..but I try after giving it a long time to think about it.. ..right now it’s re-connecting my printer which all of a sudden stopped working ..My sisiter brought over another and I promptly set that one up but even though it said it was a success it didn’t want to work , so I undid everything gave her back the printer and now will try to deal with the original problem..I guess it’s a matter of deduction if this doesn’t work perhaps it’s this or that..time will tell, and I might just say the H— with it and be done. And move on to other things which are more important in my life then fooling around with a machine…We do change with the years what seemed important then is not so important now…

  5. Love the inner dialogue Jean! Reminds me of mine when I switched from IBM to Apple …. Learning curves are tough when we have accomplished much in life, yet we still have to get through the. With a sense of adventure and bags of patience!
    Keep going!

  6. I am sorry I can’t help Jean, that’s why I have not changed my blog theme for ages because it is too complicated for my feeble mind!! . …. Looking good though looking good! Bark, woof woof bark to Stan!

  7. Oh dear I’m no help at all as I’m not self hosted. Once you get up and running you’ll be delighted with it. It’s looking good so far, especially you’re beautiful banner.
    I always love coming over here. I never know what I’ll read but it is always a post I return to in my head throughout the day. Enjoy the changes.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Tric. I’m not self hosted either.
      You could help by keeping an eye out for any Twenty Sixteen theme blogs and let me know about them. I’d love to see one or two in action but haven’t found any yet.
      Glad you like the rainbow. I took the photo up the mountains here in Waterford with son, H. We struck lucky seeing such a gem.

      1. I’ll do that. All hopefully going back to normal next week so hope to have more time for blog reading and keeping an eye out for that 2016 theme.

  8. Go Stan…it must be very exciting in your house at the moment. I know I am getting lots of treats now that she has found Twitter…and she didn’t notice my new digging spot when she mowed the lawns till my man-pet told her. By the way, she told me that she really loves Jean’s site and hopes everything settles down for her with the changes she is making. Being a fellow dlogger Stan, I know life can be challenging sometimes but:)

  9. I like the look of the 2016 theme. You’ll get the issues figured out. When I changed the theme for my blog last year, I can remember feeling a sense of exhilaration co-mingled with a sense of dread. In the end it all worked out.

  10. Whew, I feel like I have been at work all day reading this. 🙂 I enjoyed your self-commenting–truth be told, we all have those little voices in our heads, but sometimes, they make for such awesome conversations with ourself!

  11. It’s great to see those conversations you’re having in your head that show how much you’ve grown into being a blogger – your blog is bound to change and develop as your own interests change. I know nothing about CSS and any advances I’ve made have been either trial and error or reading about how to do things.

  12. Aha! Someone brave enough to change your theme ..I started a while back and gave up..maybe New Year, New Start but love all the comments it has ilicited. Happy New Year 😉

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