New Year’s Eve ~ Remembering, Being and Wishing

Wishing Stones
Wishing Stones

New Year’s Eve is one of the most significant days of the year and I can remember practically of them from when I was very young. That New Year’s Eve party that we had when I was twelve ~ I’ll never know if the midnight kiss was a ‘real’ kiss ~ I’m sure it was. It has to have been. Neil Diamond was big that year but it was posters of  Jimi Hendrix that adorned the walls and looked great through the dim light of the bulbs my brother painted dark red.

Starting work as a Pantry Girl in a Dublin Hospital on a freeeeezing cold New Year’s Eve in 1979 and being ticked off severely for parking my bike in the Reception area ~ what else was I to do with it??

The New Year’s Eve in 1980 which marked the last day that my beloved boyfriend, who died from cancer, was able to sit up with me in front of the fire. He had only 5 more days to live.

Flying to San Francisco on New Year’s Eve in 1983 for a three month stint ~ a whole new beginning …..

The New Year’s Eve when I was pregnant ~ full of anticipation of what early Summer 1995 would bring.

New Year’s Eves ringing Mother and Dad on the stroke of midnight ~ knowing that they would still be up and expecting the phone to ring.

And this New Year’s Eve ~ filled with memories, wonderment and Wishing Stones.

The sea gulls were all excited in when Stanny and I were out in Kilfarrassy at noon:

Partying in Kilfarrassy, Co. Waterford
Partying in Kilfarrassy, Co. Waterford

We just had to stop to gaze at this wondrous horse looking towards 2016:

What Lies Ahead?
What Lies Ahead?

The back road from Waterford to Tramore (the Ballinamona Road) ~ always catches me with its beauty and it was full of questions about comings and goings today and, indeed, it begged me to just STOP and take it all in:

The Ballinamona Road, Co. Waterford.
The Ballinamona Road, Co. Waterford.

Time to witness the last sunset of 2015 and it had to be from Tramore Beach ~ my beach:

New Year's Eve Sunset 2015, Tramore, Co. Waterford
New Year’s Eve Sunset 2015, Tramore, Co. Waterford

Harry and I are  just back from casting the Wishing Stones. We chatted, we laughed, we picked the stones ever so carefully, we laughed, smiled, I shed a few tears, we hugged, we cast the Wishing Stones, we remembered, we wished and we were together ~ mother and son.

I promise I cast a stone for everyone who asked me to. I picked them as well as I possibly could and I hope, hope, hope that they help your wishes come true. I decided to cast one for everyone in blogland, ‘cos everyone, everywhere must have a special memory and/or wish.

Nature's Presence
Nature’s Presence

Softly calmly, immensity taps at your life.  (Jane Hirshfield)



Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

53 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve ~ Remembering, Being and Wishing”

  1. What a perfect day, Jean. May 2016 bring you all your wishes as well as much love, laughter, happiness and all your other desires! xoxo

  2. Nice post and beautiful photos. The stones caught my eye as I am a rock hound. You do wishing stones. I have a plate of them multicolored (well uses stones they are) and they sit at the entrance on a table in front of the house. With mine as my friends know and still have their stones they know the significance I added to them which I call touchstones. It signifies if you are having a bad day to rub the stone until you see yourself in a happy moment. It seems to work for them. Haven’t heard anybody throwing a stone at a window yet or somebody. lol Be well.

  3. Oh, what a special post this is! The photos are all first class. And what a beautiful image of mother and son together. It is always a please to visit your blog – always makes me feel more positive. Thank you for being a faith reader to my humble blog which I have neglected lately…perhaps I will do better. May some of your wishes come true in 2016!!!!!! Cheers to you, Jean!

  4. Jean..I love that picture of the road it reminds me of a road in Duxbury lucky you are to have the beach, the castles and the beautiful land in between. Those rocks are so colorful too..Have a wonderful New Year with your family and we get to have you too in the New Year with your wonderful pictures and stories..I finished up some knitting so I can start the New Year fresh with new ideas…

    1. Joni, that’s so interesting that you have a road like Ballinamona Road! Yes, we are blessed to have so much in Co. Waterford. I always think that it is like a miniature Ireland.
      I love the idea of getting your knitting project finished to start with a new canvas. Good luck with putting all your ideas into action.

  5. Happy New Year! What a wonderful post; the photos are beautiful. God bless you and bring you a wonderful 2016.

  6. Happy New Year Jean! Thank you from the bottom on my heart (that’s unusual expression isn’t it…)
    Sending love, light and lightness your way for all the stones you cast, and for being such a wonder filled soul ❤️

    1. Hi Val, it’s an expression that we use a lot here in Ireland but you’d wonder about where it came from alright.
      I hope the Wishing Stone helps along the way. It was golden.

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