I Think She’s Gone Totally Crazy

She said it was a perfect time to go to the beach ~ our Garrarus ~ ‘cos the tide was full out and I’d be able to run and run and run on the sand. She seemed to be in a bit of a hurry and said something about ‘calm before the storm’ย but all I could picture was golden beach, birds and maybe that dotey little madam I was nuzzling out there the other day:

Our Garrarus

When she was letting me out of the car, she nearly got blown over by a ferociousย fierce gust of wind and I mean FIERCELY FIERCE.

She was all wrong about me having the whole beach to myself. There were monsters everywhere and it was all dark and scary. Just look!

Tide Out??
Tide Out??

I know I’m a big boy now but I got all shakey and tiny when I saw this black giant comin’ at me:

Clinging on for dear life!
Clinging on for dear life!

The birds were all weird as well:

Is that a white eagle?
Is that a white eagle?

All she could do was take photographs and mutter about how lovely it was and that maybe she’d even go for a swim ~ a WHAT?


Am I Standing or Sitting?
Am I Standing or Sitting or just Hair Raising?

Anyway, I thought I should warn you that she’s not herself today. I’m not myself now either but I think she’s downstairs lighting the fire. That should help if I can just get myself onto the rug right in front of it.

What to do about her is another matter. Any ideas?








Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

87 thoughts on “I Think She’s Gone Totally Crazy”

  1. They go weird when its stormy, Stan… mine does too. Stands outside watching the big flashy things that rumble… no sense in her at all when she’s like that. My best suggestion is to sit on her and don’t let her move. Usually works ๐Ÿ˜‰
    By the way, you are looking rather good… ๐Ÿ˜‰
    happy New year,
    Much love, Ani xxx ( wish she’d get me my own account, you know…)

    1. Ani, you mean to say she doesn’t get under the bed like Jean does when there’s that rumbly stuff with the flashes. She must be totally daft.
      Looks like you and I had better get to know each other better. You’ll be needing me soon, I’d say, when the rumbles start, I’ll mind you!

      1. Nope, mine plays out in the stuff… and even expects me to go and play too….as if! I might bark at it and tell it to go away, but not playing with it, no!
        We could both sit on her? ๐Ÿ˜‰

            1. I tell you Ani… I just got in from a nice hour-long walk and romp. I’m all relaxed now but boy was it fun! Been snowing like crazy all day and doesn’t look like it’ll stop any time soon! Must be about 8-12″ already! Woot!

            2. It was great fun.. She snubbed me today, though. Went for lunch with some friend of hers and left me behind. Can you believe it?

            3. I prefer flies and bees… though she keeps warning me that one day, I will get stung. I have no idea what she means so I just ignore her…

            4. Oh ignore her! Mine says I’m heedless when I ignore her. She says that about my big brother, Harry, a good bit too. Me and him have great fun. He’s HUGE so I always feel safe when I’m with him.

            5. That is so much fun. My big brother Iain often brings me to play with my friend Gaffe, he’s a golden lab, and we always have great fun…

            1. I was grabbed! But they took me home and spoiled me and called the radio and places till she came for me… then she spoiled me too…
              Mind, I think she may have been a bit worried…

  2. Oh I so love this, Jean!, Er… I mean, Stan!
    I don’t think mine is weird enough. It’s a perfect day, already 5-6 inches of snow have fallen and still is And.She.Still.Hasn’t.Taken.Me.Out.To.Play.In.It!!!
    Love, Zeke xoxo

      1. They never get cold, honest. Truth be told, the snow clumps up between my toes on days like today (it’s been snowing non-stop since the middle of the night) and I constantly have to stop and chew it off, unless she helps me out. It’s a right pain in the butt, I tell you but oh so worth it if we get to go on a long walk where I run in the field off leash!

          1. Oh no… I like good old water though I like to chew on the snow. She only lets me do it in the fields. She thinks the snow on the road is dirty. As if!

    1. Hello Sandy, no I didn’t grow to love it. Did you realise that grow with an L is ‘growl’ and that’s exactly what I had to do to get her to come home.
      I’m writing this in front of the fire now. I’m on her lap and she’s dozing off so I’ve seized my chance.
      BTW, I like your name ~ sandy, sandy, sandy. All the paw marks ….

    1. Hi Tric, oh she’s a bit crazy all the time but you should see how happy she is when she’s been swimming. She’s always lovely to me when she’s been in so I’m all for it. But what would I do if she went into those mountains of waves and I never saw her again? Who’d feed me and listen to all my news and views?

  3. Crackers…did someone say crackers…food is always welcome. I’m a short walk man myself with lots of treats at the end. Hate to tell you but it is a lovely morning here and my pet human is bent over the kitchen bench reading another journal paper. I ask you…if she isnt just a little too focused for her own good..can’t be good for her…and to top it off…she’s supposed to be on a short break and I’m still waiting for my walk to the beach…but I think…hope…we will have morno’s beforehand and then I get a nice biscuit…need the energy you know…before that walk…me I’m sitting in the study on the chair next to the computer, hence the opportunity was too good to miss when I saw Stan had started a great conversation. so, hello from Dougal…who always loves to bark…oh…I mean talk…

    1. Oh hello Dougal! I hear you…. what is with them when they get so enthralled over the journal… It is so much more fun to go out into the fresh air! I would love some company. From Zeke!

    2. Hi Dougal, Stanny here. Sorry I missed you last night. She switched off the computer and I couldn’t get my paws on it ’til now. I wonder what they’d call blogging for us? Would it be ‘dogging? do you think?

  4. Hi there.Zeke and Stanny, hope your worlds are all good. She finsihed that journal article and went around happily working on the computer and getting dinner ready. Thank goodness she had the presence of mind to look after my food bowl, she left it to the last minute the day before. Well here we are again, I have been barking at the back door this morning to go for my walk but these two just ignore me and focus on the watering and the hoovering so I’m blagging the computer now before she gets started again…hey…do you have that grand old tradition at your place…its where you can’t do any housework on New Year’s Day just in case you brush away the good wishes for the new year…yeay…early walk tomorrow I hope. Yes…interesting conundrum…dogging or dlogging…take care of yourselves…and Happy…woof…woof..New Year…

      1. Happy New Year to you too Zeke…I hope it is as relaxing for you as it has been for us so far…herd her talking about preparing for lunch though…and I saw her walk past the hoover with a very wistful look on her face…let’s see what happens shall we:):) Dougie Boy…don’t blame me for the name…

        1. Ahh Dougie Boy. It’s a bit too relaxing. She brought me outside only long enough to shovel the walkway. She promised me a nighttime walk…I hope she does before ringing in the new year!

            1. Oh she did. And today too. I got to play with an Australian Shepherd named Bally. Old fella of about 12 but with lots of spunk!

      1. Woof Woof and a Happy New Year with lots of walkies, talkies and food:):) Dougie Boy…I know…it seems ot be my new names for some reason!!!

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