Solsticing in Tramore

December 21st is a HUGE day on my calendar as it marks the turn of the year in terms of daylight.

The Turn of the Year
The Turn of the Year

I was down the beach in Tramore watching the sunset at around 4pm and looking forward with glorious anticipation to the lengthening days that lie ahead.

The sunset was magical and it felt just perfect to be watching it on Tramore Beach looking towards the famous Metal Man.


My excitement was matched by the gathering and twittering of the birds on the lamps that adorn Tramore’s Promenade.


Oh happy days!

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

26 thoughts on “Solsticing in Tramore”

  1. Hi there Jean I think we’re on the same wavelength commenting on the solstice today. The photos are beautiful and bring a sense of the energy that’s coming from the turn of the light with them. Thanks for this authentic writing and sharing your experience. Happy Christmas!

  2. Amazing serendipity…last night we had the most wonderful sunset and I managed to get a couple of photos which will go on the computer later. June 21st is the big day here but June 21 also marks one of my cousin’s birthday. When we were kids, he always used to brag about having the longest day of the year for his birthday…of course, here in Australia, it is the shortest:):) Love the photos…

  3. I guess the birds are doing their own Christmas pole decorating they already have the lights…Love the others pics too…

    1. Hi Joni, yeah the lights go the whole way along the Prom and were just about the light up as I was leaving last evening bu the birds were trulu lighting them up with their song.

  4. Oh. I thought you’d said “Soliciting”.
    Well, I must say something, but I’m not sure what. Rock on chilluns, rock on!

  5. Magnificent seas, I can see why you are not tempted in 🙂 I recommend Kathleen Jamie writing on the winter solstice in her book ‘Findings’, first chapter – Darkness and Light. Just the thing for a low lights and log fire.

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