Does Blogging Run in Families?

I’d love to know to what extent blogging runs in families. I know about 3 pairs of sisters who blog, 3 mothers and sons; 2 mothers and daughters and I think that’s it.

Maybe it’s just that I’m not moving in the right circles to find the families, or maybe I know them individually and haven’t put one and one or two and two together ( that always reminds of the card game ‘Fish in the Pond.’ Do you remember it? )

There is the little matter that there can be a sense that there is only room for one blogger in a family ~ a bit like one photographer.

I think my late mother would probably have got into blogging if it had been around in her day. She wrote a lot for publication and broadcasting and loved being part of a ‘community of writers.’ I often think of how I used to hear her tapping away at her typewriter when I’d come in from school. Those were the days of messy typewriter ribbons, carbon paper and fiddly little things to help you erase a mistake at the bottom of a page to save you having to re-type the whole page again.

1950s Teal Royal Typewriter Ad
1950s Teal Royal Typewriter Ad

I can’t quite visualise son, H, getting into blogging. On the other hand, he would probably say that he’s already into it as more often than not we discuss posts before I post them and he often seems to pop his head around the door when he sees me playing around with photographs.

Of course, there may well be lots of families who have ‘private’ blogs for building family trees and the like. As yet, I’ve never met any.

Are any other members of  your family involved either directly or indirectly in blogging? How does it work out for you? 


Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

35 thoughts on “Does Blogging Run in Families?”

  1. I guess I’m the one who blogs on different sites as I like to take part in the topics and conversations. My two daughters juse just seem to text, to their acquaintances. Hubby is not into it at all.

  2. I would think so!
    I got inspired from my wife to write. She is an established one, writing since 3.5 years!

    My father and late grand-father were from teaching background, they might have as well been bloggers 🙂

  3. I come from a large family, but as far as I know, I only have one niece who blogs all the time. She reviews products and blogs about how she uses them. I blog Mystery reviews, and have several others, but I’m ignoring them more these days. Seems I have less to say.

      1. No, I did not play a part in getting her involved in blogging, but I do admire her work. I also have a Duboise Family Journal for my family of origin. I tried to persuade some of my nieces and nephews to add to it, but no one came forward.

        Sandy Penny, WritingMuse.comFounder,

        Date: Fri, 4 Dec 2015 22:35:13 +0000 To:

  4. No, it’s only me too…but I know heaps of people who love to read blogs and I don’t know what is going on at the moment, but my friends can’t get enough of cooking shows…Nigella Lawson is our ‘fav’ at the moment:)

      1. I love her food…couldnt eat it all the time…so rich and I would be like an elephant as she uses lots of cream and eggs:):) Hope you enjoy as much as we do…

  5. No, they are not, although daughter and I used to write a blog together. And she had her own for a very brief time. But it’s an unpaid endeavor that takes a lot of commitment and a schedule, and she isn’t at the place in her life where she can do it now.

  6. Love those modern typewriters that all good bosses should be buying their secretaries 🙂 Funny how you pay to look at them, and other office equipment (remember comptometers?) in museums now.

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