Counting Blessings

Garrarus Beach
Garrarus Beach

The notion of ‘count your blessings’ is one with which I was reared. If we were ever down in the depths, Father used to ask: Would you throw your lot in and take your chances on picking up someone else’s?’  A quick glance into his wise eyes always had me answering (often in a blubbering whisper) ‘NO.’

Well, the other day, I heard a great interview with Brent Pope, who is a former rugby player from New Zealand who now lives in Ireland. He’s a man who is quite open about the fact that anxiety and panic attacks have been part of his life for many years. The part of this recent interview that has stayed with me was his description of how he takes the time every single night, no matter how late he gets in, to write down 5 things that have been good about the day that has just passed. He said that sometimes it can be hard to focus on the good things if the day has been particularly fraught but that he forces himself to find even very mundane things, like hearing a particular song. He emphasised that he makes a conscious effort to find new positive things rather than repeating the same ones ad infinitum.

I love the fact that he does it every night, not just on occasions when he’s feeling either wonderful or terrible. Positive things do have a way of weaving their way through our lives and so often we press on and leave them unacknowledged.

I’m contemplating starting a private journal of my ‘5 Positives a Day.’ Just thinking about today so far ( and it’s 15:28 now), there’s been:

  1. The first bloom of the purple hyacinth on the kitchen window-sill with its magnificent fragrance;
  2. The gorgeous light on Garrarus Beach when I was out there early this morning with Puppy Stan;
  3. The smiling encounter with the man at the supermarket door who stood back to let me through with my trolley and laughed when I said: ‘It’s great to meet a gentleman.’
  4. Remembering the diaries that Santa always brought me and which I still have.
  5. Building new connections with two bloggers, Lennon Carlyle  and Paul J. Grainger whose posts I really admired.

Would you care to share YOUR  5 Positives of today so far? 


Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

23 thoughts on “Counting Blessings”

  1. What a wise reminder from your father Jean, and so true. I wish the constant moaners could hear it.
    1. The good health to have a bracing jog with good friends this morning followed by coffee.
    2. Reliable broadband.
    3. Roof over my head as winter howls in.
    4. View to die for over St Clement’s Bay.
    5. Aston Villa losing 4-0.

  2. 1. The morning sunrises which are different each day ..2..The fact that I’m able to be up and about, healthwise..3. Sharing the days and nights with the one I love..hubby 4. Knitting for loved ones 5. Viewing the evening sunset and getting a good nights sleep

  3. Counting my blessings:1. A lovely strong breeze that is making the trees dance and whisper.2. The chocolates my son dropped by on today’s early visit.3. My little online project that pays me $50 fun money.4. The opportunity to share book reviews of books I love and help boost the authors.5. Spicy red veggie morning juice and rich hot coffee.

    Sandy Penny, WritingMuse.comFounder,

    Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2015 16:08:30 +0000 To:

  4. That’s a great idea – it would be nice to look through that journal at the end of the year too as a way of celebrating that year. My positives so far today have been chocolate and tea – I need to get out more. 🙂

  5. 1) Making plans for the holidays. 2) A special morning with Husband 3) Harvesting my last jalapenos 4) The beautiful fall weather with sunny skies and no wind 5) Realizing I should be grateful for what I have and each day that I live Very appropriate as our Thanksgiving Day is coming up.

  6. Great Idea,
    1 I got two lots of washing dry,
    2 My husband finally got his paint matched
    3 We had some sunshine
    4 I remembered God is good
    5 my stomach stopped hurting just after 9pm!

    1. Hi Willow, funny you should mention the washing. I came to this post after hanging out a huge line of washing only to have the washing line snap. It was a rather good exercise after the frustration of having to pick the whole damn/damp lot up and drape it all over the house.
      Hope #5 has held its own!

  7. Yes, yes, we all should do this every day. It’s still early here on Sunday morning, so I’ll include yesterday: 1. Enjoying stories and laughs with new neighbors while hosting them at our place for dinner. 2. Texting fun photos with my busy daughter as we prepare for next week’s Thanksgiving feast. 3. My guy first thing this morning waking me up to say, ‘great meal you made last night.’ 4. The gray misty November NE morning, sipping hot tea and connecting with people around the world through our blogs. 5. Melting in gratefulness for our lives while listening to classical music.

  8. Jean, I am starting today|(11/23/2015) my list of blessings, the order is upside-down as the events appeared today :
    1. Jean and this post. Thank you! What a wise thing!
    2. Reconnecting with a person from my childhood.
    3. A good feedback.
    4. A morning walk with my best friend, my mum.
    5. Just being here…is a state of grace.

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