Just a Moment

I’ve been one of those gazing out windows types since I was a kid. It used to be called daydreaming by frustrated teachers but it has always been about wanting to catch the passing moment that will never be quite the same again.

Just a few minutes ago I was about to address the washing up piled in the kitchen sink. The kitchen window looks out on our back garden and something fluttering in the stormy wind by the side wall caught my attention. It was the last remaining petals of a pink rose dancing in a joyous light.

A blackbird came to join the party and sat on a twiggy branch of the leafless lilac tree which was a dazzling golden colour. The blackbird, swaying yet perfectly balanced, peered in at me and then flew towards the back of the garden bringing my gaze with him.

Fluffy white clouds were racing across the blue sky ~ a show of infinite creativity ~ with shapes opening my imagination in the way you’d fling open all the windows on a roasting hot Summer’s day.

A sliver of moon came flying out from behind the clouds. How could this little crescent be the place where Neil Armstrong first walked in July 1969?

That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind. (Neil Armstrong)

Neil Armstrong (Source: Wikimedia)
Neil Armstrong
(Source: Wikimedia)

Coming back to my earth, the bright yellow racemes of the Mahonia that lives in our back rockery made me smile and think of how this native of Eastern Asia has a magical way of bringing light to dark November days in this little corner of the South-East of Ireland.

A moment passed that will be stored away with window gazing from across my lifetime.

So, take a look out your window and see what’s going on. (I think they might call it ‘mindfulness’ not ‘daydreaming’ now!)

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

35 thoughts on “Just a Moment”

  1. It is dreary and wet cold rain is to be had. 15 minutes later that dismal rain has stop. Although the skies are still gray in various shade there is lightness in the sky. If I look out the window onto the garden. I see still many plants in bloom. Some you can say are anomalies and should not be blooming at this time of year. I too daydream when I look at the garden when I first started with a blank slate last year and this year looked like an established garden minus the trees. I am still doing garden clean up and on this day looking out I just reckon I will stay inside finishing my work on the computer. Be well.

    1. Joseph, interesting about the shades of gray.
      I love the idea that your garden has developed so well in such a short length of time. Ours was well established when we moved here 24 years ago. It was the garden that I saw when we viewed ‘the house!’

      1. I saw the potential garden here. Although it is no an older established garden but there are mature plants I dug up from my other house hence a little established and not new with all small plants. I also like you look for the garden the house is secondary lol

  2. The day we stop day dreaming we will no longer have a vision of the future, a dream or idea ..For without day dreaming our creative and thought processes become stagnant ..Some of the greatest inventions started out with an idea perhaps day dreaming was involved.

    1. Willow, to me ‘mindfulness’ is about appreciating the moment and ‘day dreaming’ is pretty similar in the way I’ve always tended to approach it. (A sort of heightened awareness of the beauty of the apparently mundane or oft taken for granted.). It sounds like you see the two as being different? Pray tell?

      1. After breaking my back it was suggested I try mindfulness which I did, I read books listend to CDs talked with the pain phycologist for hours… I worked so hard at mindfulness that I almost drove myself mad before I tealized slipping into a daydream of the moment was easier. xxxxx

            1. I feel a bit the same. In many ways, I feel ‘mindfulness’ is what lots of people, especially those who love nature, probably do instinctively. It seems awful that people have to be reminded to ‘stop’ and take heed of ‘the moment.’ All this talk of being busy truly makes me wonder!

  3. It’s funny…as a child I was always being ‘accused’ of daydreaming and told to wake-up and get on with my chores…so what a lovely surprise to find out that I am not the only one. Dougal doggie spends his time in the study looking out of the front window as I sit and bash away on the computer…I would love to know what his dreams are…more than occasionally I turn from the computer and look out of the window myself to see the sparrows flitting around sharing the trees with squawky lorrikeets…it’s good to take a breather and be reminded about the beauty in the world that surrounds us in nature.

  4. Thank you for this mindfulness daydreaming moment Jean. I too used to let my gaze and mind settle somewhere … Usually out a window in the classroom. I do get a kick out to it now! 💛

    1. Hi Val, interesting how classroom windows stay with us, isn’t it! I can remember ever single thing about the ones in the various schools I attended, including the poles that were used to pull them down (open) and to close them.

  5. “Mindfulness not daydreaming” So beautifully worded. I absolutely agree with you. And your words were so very carefully selected. You painted a lovely picture with this piece. Thank you for the reminder to take a moment to pause and look outside the window 🙂

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