Sea Side Winter-time Week in Co. Waterford

The changing of the clocks to Winter-time fills me with absolute dread every year as all I can see lying ahead is dull, dank, dark, dismality.  This year was no exception and I basically bid a fond farewell to all colour last Saturday afternoon with the clocks set to fall back at 2am on Sunday morning.

The week that has unfolded has shocked me with the colour that has danced on the beaches in and around me here in Tramore.

It all started at sunrise on Sunday morning when I went down to the beach in a state of total confusion about what time it really was:

Tramore Beach, Co. Waterford
Tramore Beach, Co. Waterford

Each day has brought moments of pure sensual bliss,

Garrarus Beach at Noon
Garrarus Beach at Noon


Kilfarrassy Beach, Co. Waterford
Kilfarrassy Beach, Co. Waterford


Kilfarrassy Beach, Co. Waterford
Kilfarrassy Beach, Co. Waterford

lipsticked skies

Garrarus Beach at Sunset
Garrarus Beach at Sunset

and absolute hope:


I hope your week has given you good reason to look forward and to see every colour, including black, as having a beauty all of its own.

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

40 thoughts on “Sea Side Winter-time Week in Co. Waterford”

      1. Doing well the funeral is on Tuesday and my brothers and sisters have asked me to read on of my poems about M. Add to that the last four weeks we have had builders and kitchen fitters in and the hubby is s perfectionist!! I am hoping the stress will end soon.
        I really do hope you are well and as contented as you sound. Hugs to you ❤

  1. The only good thing about falling back is that extra hour of sleep. I live in the west and although we get darker as well but not like the rest of the country. We have hope at this time of the year as our grape hyacinth and snow drops are in leaf and the irises are putting out new leaves as well. Someone asked me what this all meant and I told her welcome to the west coast where things are different than the east. All it means is that our first spring blossoms are the snowdrop which bloom 2 weeks into January. We have a long drawn out spring with color and the changes are slow here. That is my little bit.
    Beautiful pictures you have taken. It almost feels like I am on that beach. I love the hues in all the pictures and no I will not count them. An inside joke with another blogger where I counted 17 hues in her Arizona pictures which were orange in color but a variation of orange with other colors. Have you chosen a theme or leaning towards one?

    1. Joseph, how wonderful that your snowdrops are already in leaf. Ours always bloom in January too but they haven’t shown any signs yet.
      On the themes, I had a quick look at what’s available. Reckon it will be a while before I even decide if I’m going to change the theme. It may be a matter of tweaking the organisation of the content within the existing one first. Will keep you posted!

      1. Thank you. Our snowdrops bloom in January as well but they leaf out at this time of the year. If they bloom early I will let everyone know as mother nature will be very early. As for the theme you will know when you hit on the right one.

        1. Oh be sure to let us know about the snowdrops.
          I think I’ll look more closely at blogs and work backwards to the themes. Going through the themes themselves can be a bit overwelming. Too much choice!

          1. Yes looking at blogs would be a good idea as there is a lot of themes out there and not free ones as well. I will let you know about the snowdrops. I have 3 different irises that are blooming at the moment. They are not re-blooming irises either. Strange weather this last 3 years here. .

            1. Yes Global warming is an issue for sure. Another incident happened with me the other day. I went walking at Piper’s Lagoon. A small beach that I like to walk on and scavenge for sea glass and driftwood that have absolutely something that looks like something like a saltine cracker which I have etc. Anyway, as I was walking I saw a small piece of woods with lots of little holes in it. Upon closer inspection I discovered it was an iris rhizome that was just beginning to sprout out. You have such nice photos that I know from my site that black shows photos off nicely. Up to you

  2. I look to the extra hour of sleep, but because I’m an early riser it evades me. I do not look forward to the very cold snowy days and they seem to linger on.. I’m going to try to take each day as it comes and live with it, looking for the beauty in it. It’s a good time to become a nature watcher..what birds come and to see the different tracks in the snow. I love your pictures each one is beautiful. Stan is taking it all in too…

  3. Hi Joni, yes I have the same kind of issues with the extra hour of sleep but like to keep it to do something special.
    The one thing we can’t change is the weather so it definitely seems best to seek out the magic that undoubtedly lies in every moment, if we just look hard enough.

  4. Lovely photographs, Jean! It’s ingrained in me to look for the beauty in nature, no matter the weather. After a long bout of grey skies, however, it can sometimes be quite the challenge. Thanks for reminding me to look for it!
    xo n

  5. Gorgeous! Today was one of the most beautiful days I’ve ever seen. Had quite a walk into the local town and even the scruffiest places looked serene and bathed in golden light. Quite amazing.

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