Forest Floor
Forest Floor

Mount Congreve Gardens served up special beauty on its last open days for this season.

Standing deep in the woods, I was treated to this piece of abstract art that has been shimmering around in my mind.

It seems all the more poignant today as I’ve just come back from visiting a life long friend who has dementia. Her short term memory may be impaired but so much of her layered essence remains. Her smile, her voice, her sense of fun, her memories of days we shared and most of all the feel of her hand in mine.

Where does the image take you? 

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and sense of place.

24 thoughts on “Impressions”

  1. It takes me to church , light coming in through a stained glass window. I feel for you and your friends, she may know she is slipping away, she may not but as always this nasty illness gets it’s way. ❤

    1. Hi Willow, yes it was taking me to stained glass windows from time to time too.
      Many thanks for your kind words. I’m glad to say that my friend is at ease ~ and that’s so important to all concerned.

  2. It reminds me of a stained-glass window brings to mind the church that my Mom and Dad funeral services were officiated . The colors are sort of muted like looking through’s kind of somber feeling yet beautiful..

  3. Strange I see three females in the painting. The first one to the left is an infant. The middle on a woman that had been broken somehow with chagrin. The last to the far right an older woman heavier set not broken but enjoying life. She is dancing here.

  4. …to the stretch of woodland my grandad on my father’s side owned and where me, my dad, mum and brother used to camp at weekends when I was a child… It takes me to the time when I was carefree and my life was less complicated.
    There was this old tree I called “de opa-boom” (grandad-tree) that made me feel safe. I used to hug it in the evening before I went to sleep and first thing in the morning after crawling out of my tent.
    Two generations have now passed away, but the tree still stands… a guardian of my memories of times long gone.

  5. HI there
    I love the photo and the sentiments expressed about what the images inspired in different people’s minds – so Jean – thank you for this great post.

  6. When I first looked at this photograph it wasn’t the image itself but a deeper meaning in my own mind. Taking care of an elderly father, becoming older myself, I see the bright and beautiful autumn colors of the leaves in the sunlight surrounded by shadows. The shadows do not dim the brightness of the leaves at all, rather they accentuate it, even though they will soon overtake it. I know that sounds a bit melancholy but in a way it’s hopeful to me; that even to the end we retain a brightness, a bit of sunlight that refuses to dim and that there is an essential part of ourselves that remains no matter how dark the shadows.
    xo n

  7. What a lovely photo. So sad to lose someone’s memory – I always like to believe that their basest essence remains.
    I actually see life as a whole and each section, separated by the shadows, represents a facet of live: family, work, personal joys…

  8. Your image reminds me of so many things. I was weird child and I could sit and stare for hours at things whether it was leaves, rushing water, rocks… You name it.

    It also reminds me of when I used to go to the forest with my dad to pick berries… I have one particular memory and that is me sitting on a stump with a small basket, I was picking blueberries. After a while my dad came up to me and he looked a bit surprised… he said; haven’t you picked any blueberries yet? And then he suddenly told me to stick my tongue out.. and it was, of course, completely blue.

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