How Do You Write a ‘Best Blog Post?’

I bring you the good tidings that my precious post, Reflections on the Accident and Emergency (A&E) Crisis, has progressed into the Finals of  the Blog Awards Ireland 2015 in the ‘Best Blog Post’ Category. All the posts are now to be judged by an Expert Panel and the winner will be announced on October 22nd.

While I’m delighted that the post is moving forward (and many thanks again to all who voted for it over the last few weeks), I am now in pause mode thinking about ‘Best Blog Posts’ and what makes them ‘best’ or even ‘bestest.’

Pause Mode
Pause Mode

I can think of various posts that I’ve read over the years that I have absolutely adored and I think that Best Posts are ones that stay with you in the same sort of way that favourite books, poems or movies do.

The thing is, though, that what will stay with one person forever may never have touched a chord with someone else. So much depends on the personality, interests, experiences, leanings, baggage … of the reader.

On the other hand,  the blogger can play a fairly big part in drawing readers in or turning them away. I’ve been surprised, for example, at how some bloggers have managed to draw me into reading memorable posts about subjects which I would have said were of absolutely no interest whatsoever to me. They manage to do this through obvious passion for their subject, striking images and smooth flow of writing. (I tend to like a blast of humour thrown in as well, though this isn’t a necessary ingredient.)

I’d love to hear your views about ‘Best Posts’ and what has made them them ‘Best’ for you as either Writer or Reader? 

Author: socialbridge

I am a sociologist and writer from Ireland. I have worked as a social researcher for 30 years and have had a lifelong passion for writing. My main research interests relate to health care and I love to write both non-fiction and poetry.

43 thoughts on “How Do You Write a ‘Best Blog Post?’”

        1. I guess one of the good things about blogging is that it tends to bring us to subjects and perspectives that we wouldn’t necessarily seek out in any active way. I’ve even found myself reading interesting posts about make-up and that’s saying something. That’s a whole other world to me but seems to be part of everyday life for many.

  1. Good stuff Jean! I also thought about what “best” is. There may be specific criteria that the Best of Ireland folks are looking for .. But for me, it’s about the post that hits home. One that makes me pause and feel something at a deep level.
    Thanks for asking the question! xo

    1. Val, thanks for writing. Yes, feeling something at a deep level is pretty key for me too. It’s interesting how the world of blogging opens so many doors to so many minds. I find that posts that challenge my views on things can be the ones that make me stop and pause the most. Hence, I think it’s good to follow some well written blogs that present completely different world views to one’s own.

  2. I think the most memorable posts I have read were a product of the writer finding a topic with which they resonated. Primarily it was the writer. For instance Belinda of Idiotwriting published an original art work = Stars Twin Flame = that was very memorable. The combination of her skills and the topic produced an astounding piece.

    Your photos of the ocean really stay with me Jean – I guess in that case it is the photographer, the topic and my preferences combined.

    Great post – excellent question.

  3. As a regular reader of your blogs i am delighted that you are in the finals. I shall look forward to seeing your name at the top on the 22nd

  4. Wishing you well and keeping my fingers crossed . I have always enjoyed your blogs and putting questiions to us for our point of view..

  5. Congratulations–It’s awesome that you are in the finals. With my blog, I’ve noticed that the posts that regular readers like the most ( some of the more personal posts), are very different from the posts that remain popular over the long run (recipes, statistics, etc.).

  6. I like posts that touch my heart, posts that make me laugh, posts from near and far that remind me we are all connected, posts with gorgeous photos… the list goes on. Your blog hits all those marks! Congrats on being in the final rounds for ‘best’ — Sandy

  7. Congratulations and well deserved! I hope to see your name in lights on the 22nd. The best blog posts for me are always an original take on an often unremarkable thing. And you have hundreds of those!

  8. Congratulations Jean, fingers crossed! I agree with you that best posts are the ones that stay with you because they touch you in some way. But of course it’s subjective, there are posts I’ve written that I don’t think are particularly good that people seemed to love and vice versa!

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